Divali is celebrated with school closure, distribution of sweets, ritual bathing of the Beloved followed by arti,
folios #150-153, October 12-18, 1925.

It was observed that Baba’s total fast had not affected ‘the characteristic thoroughness of His super-nature.’ He prepared a list of 40 plus mandali to fast one day along with him.

When an educated official came to see him along with the usual Thursday crowd, Baba remarked, “In spite of your so-called attainments you are still an ignorant man…” which caused the gentleman to weep in humility.

The schools and other departments of Meherabad were closed that weekend for Divali holidays. After Baba distributed sweets the men and women mandali and visitors all participated in bathing him, which was followed by Arti-puja and Puranas. During a meeting that afternoon all the mandali were given different orders for fasting. This was followed by a tea party and games.

After six days of fasting, Baba took a little food and revealed the reason for his fast; contrary breathing!

The Divali weekend ended with fireworks, visitors, and more tea parties.

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