The mandali bathe Baba and engage in an enthusiastic arti as Daserah is celebrated,
folios #135-141, September 17-27, 1925.

The usual Thursday crowd was so big that personal problems had to be heard first by the superintendent, then presented to Baba in concise form so that he had time for everyone.

Since Baba had advised the Arangaon village people not to kill a goat for an annual feast, many refused to attend. So Baba took the mandali there to partake in the vegetarian feast, sending Rustom to persuade the ‘rebellious party’ to join in. The next day they all agreed to come before Baba where some misunderstandings were cleared up.

Baba and some of the mandali bathed all the schoolboys to celebrate the grand opening of the new Dharmashala for visitors (Upasni Serai). The entertainment of the day proved to be Waman Tailor’s nervous attempt to give a dedication speech. There was a good rain that evening which Baba attributed to the apologies of the villagers regarding the feast.

Evening kirtan programs were very well attended. The school was closed to celebrate the Hindu festival of Daserah. At Arjoon’s urging, Baba reluctantly agreed to be bathed by the mandali, which was followed by an enthusiastic arti. After Angal Pleader’s lecture on the origin of Daserah, Baba gave prasad to all. In spite of the holiday Baba did not forego his usual two hours of grinding grain. As a big procession was headed toward ‘Nagar in the afternoon, Baba sent word that everyone should return to Meherabad because of impending rain. Just as they reached Meherabad the clouds opened up and arti was again performed in Baba’s presence under shelter from the heavy rains. Then Baba again distributed prasad to all.

Baba asked everyone to leave quickly, but the schoolboys were delayed due to drinking water. As they were caught in the rain halfway home, Vishnu was the recipient of Baba’s lost mood. Kisan was also reprimanded for burning his hand due to ignoring Baba’s order not to light fireworks.

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