Zoroaster’s birthday is celebrated with one-day school closure; Baba explains in writing about Zoroaster,
folios #131-134, September 1-14, 1925.

The school was closed to celebrate the traditional holiday of Ganesh. With Baba watching from a distance, the ganpati Ganesh idol was taken in procession by the boys and immersed into a well at lower Meherabad.

The opening ceremonies for the new mandali quarters were held on the evening of Sept. 4th. Baba named the square shed ‘Makan-e-khas’ (house of the chosen). Baba distributed the promised new clothes to the faithful untouchable villagers and schoolboys.

When Baba came to know about a planned performance of a vulgar drama in Arangaon, he went there to convince those involved to give up the idea. Instead, he offered money to build a type of youth center for bhajan singing. However, a few who accepted money later took part in a drama in another village. Baba commented that this breach of trust would result in great calamity for them.

The school was closed for a day to celebrate Zoroaster’s birthday, and Baba gave some written explanation about him. That evening as Baba was writing on the slate, he was disturbed by the general superintendent’s (Rustom’s) loud tone of voice. Baba quickly turned and slapped him across the head, sending him to the ground! For some time the atmosphere became like a ‘silent grave yard.’ Then Baba was suddenly cheery again ordering the gramophone to be played. He then explained that the time of Zoroaster’s birth was the same moment that the superintendent received the blow.

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