Baba stops feeding untouchable boys who were found to be still eating meat after 6 months in the school,
folios #125-130, August 22-31, 1925.

In honor of Tajuddin Baba’s passing, all at Meherabad observed a complete fast for 24 hours. They passed the time listening to the gramophone and then to a lecture by Angal Pleader. In the evening Baba and the mandali garlanded Tajuddin Baba’s photo before breaking their fast with jalebis.

During an evening discussion Baba revealed that Christ came to India after the crucifixion where he wandered for years, eventually dropping his body in Kashmir.

One of the first God-mad/common masts wandered into Meherabad and was taken care of at the hospital. The next day Baba sat with him for some time.

When a poor Mohammedan wandered through asking for help, he was made to sing for his supper and was then ‘paid handsomely’ before leaving.

After interviewing the untouchable boys, Baba found that many were still eating meat after 6 months in the school. He decided to stop feeding them and to not allow them to attend devotional programs.

After the usual Thursday tea at Kaka Shahane’s, Baba ordered the men to erect a shed type building as a dharamshala for visitors near the well at Meherabad. (This would be named Upasni Serai.)

After a few days the parents of the school children came to beg Baba’s pardon, pleading with him to continue feeding ‘their half-starved children.’ Baba granted their requests on condition they take serious oaths to have only pure vegetarian food in their homes. Baba also promised to award dhotis and saris to the men and women who kept their promise.

After the usual delightful Sunday lecture by Angal Pleader, Baba and the mandali continued the semi-monthly routine of shaving and bathing all the schoolboys.

At the end of the month Baba again distributed the wages to staff and laborers with his own hands. Pendu’s birthday was celebrated that day with another tea party at Kaka Shahane’s.

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