During a heavy downpour, Baba puts on Rustom’s coat and remarks that Rustom ‘had fallen,’
Folios 118-121, August 7-12, 1925.

Since the quarters for the new combined boys school was too small, construction of a new bigger building was begun.

During the evening bhajan program Baba went out in a heavy downpour to find Behramji and Ajoba who were absent. The three returned drenched and had to put on dry clothes. Baba then put on Rustom’s coat and casually remarked to Gulmai that Rustom (who was out of ‘Nagar) ‘had fallen’. The next day the significance of Baba’s remark was realized when Rustom returned to Meherabad to narrate the story of how he almost drowned in a flood the previous evening! (A newsclip from four years later is inserted here to show the serious potential for flooding in Ahmednagar district.)

On a Zoroastrian holiday, all enjoyed a tea party at Kaka Shahane’s in the afternoon, and another very fine bhajan program on the evening by Bhikolya from Kasba Peth. The next day the school was nicely decorated for the celebration of Krishna’s birthday, and all the boys were given baths by Baba and the mandali. The festivities continued until past midnight, and the school remained closed the next day to continue the celebration. During the evening discussion Baba informed everyone that he would begin a fast and seclusion in the Jhopdi from September 1st.

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