Baba orders the village Mahars to throw away the carcass of a goat killed by a train,
folios 115-117, August 1-6, 1925.

With the boys on holiday, the mandali were allowed the rare luxury of an afternoon nap. That evening Upasni Maharaj’s discourses were read from a magazine, after which Baba himself continued his elucidation of the same subjects.

When the schoolboys returned to Meherabad, Baba drew out confessions from them concerning their various slip-ups in obeying him during their holiday. Finding Baba’s order to repeat God’s name too difficult, a fakir from Ajmer slipped out of Meherabad after one day.

Masaji returned from Poona to continue the work of night watch. After much repentence for his weekend blunder, Shankar was allowed to return to work at the school in a diminished capacity.

When two goats were hit by a train, Baba had the injured one brought to Meherabad to be treated. When he was informed that some village Mahars (untouchables) had taken the dead one for their supper, he went after them, ordering them to throw away the carcass and promise never to touch such things again.

Once again the students satisfactorily passed examinations, and Baba gave a pay raise of one rupee to all the teachers.

Since the water level in the original well had gone so low, Arangaon people were directed to take water from the well near the family quarters instead.

The caste distinction in the school was finally abolished by Baba, with the Maratha section joining the untouchables. The vacated Maratha room was then given for the growing girl’s school.

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