Baba informs the mandali they should never ‘set aside his express orders and instructions,’
28th-31st July 1925,
folios 111-114.

Having a few girls in the school now proved to be a distraction to the boys, and so Baba ordered a separate room to be built for the girls. This was the beginning of Hazrat Babajan Girls School.

Arjun was told to take part in certain religious ceremonies with the boys and Hindu mandali.

Baba became very upset one evening due to shortage of bread and contamination of drinking water, prompting another warning to those concerned to take utmost care. He also reiterated his advice to all to be very careful about their health.

After a meeting of the mandali took place, they informed Baba that they felt the Hindu ‘Saptah’ ceremony should be avoided if possible. Baba replied that it was good they came together to discuss the arrangements, but they should never ‘set aside his express orders and instructions.’

Arjun left for four days with the usual crowd of Thursday visitors. As their train to Pune passed Meherabad, the boys and teachers stood along the fence line waving their handkerchiefs.

It was revealed that the writing work Baba had been doing privately in the Jhopdi since beginning silence was a special book.

The school was recessed for the end of the ‘Mohurram’ holiday and all the boys were given a spending allowance. As Baba distributed the monthly wages to the paid staff, he again warned them ‘to be very careful, hard-working and honest in their duties.’

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