Baba continues to discourse and discuss ‘exceptionally interesting spiritual subjects,
23rd-27th July 1925,
folios 107-111.

Baba’s personal assistant Bal (Tambat) overslept, and so lost his job for most of the day to L. C. Nelhams.

Baba has continued his recent habit of discoursing and discussing ‘exceptionally interesting spiritual subjects’ through writing with the mandali.

Despite backache and fever, Baba did not miss his daily routine of work. He again advised the mandali to be very attentive and ‘work till death’ for the next year of two.

On a Hindu holiday, swings were set up for all the boys to play on, with Baba assisting the smaller ones. After Angal Vakil gave his usual lecture on the Puranas that Sunday, Baba asked some of the boys to relate what they had understood.

On the morning of July 27th, Lewis C. Nelhams died suddenly of septic fever, due to a small wound on his lower leg which he got doing ‘ghamela yoga’ (digging a well) with some of the other mandali men. The evening before, Baba remarked that ‘Nelhams would be completely free of all pain by tomorrow morning!’ After the formal enquiries by the authorities, Baba sent some of the mandali to ‘Nagar along with the coffin to attend the funeral at the Christian cemetery. That evening, Baba told the mandali that Nelhams’ mind was still alive and he would soon be born again to come into his contact.

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