In silence He continues to see to all the affairs of Meherabad as usual,
5th to 13th July 1925,
folios 92-99.

During the days before July 10th, many of the non-resident mandali visited Meherabad to hear Baba. Through discussions, arrangements were made and instructions were given to each person. On the 9th Baba called the parents of all the schoolboys to impress upon them the importance of keeping their boys in the school. That evening, Baba delivered His last oral lecture to the mandali, which focused on selfless service, the purpose of His silence, and the future of the world. He ended with His warning about snakes.

Silence! To the surprise of the mandali, Baba was not secluded and aloof in His silence. He continued to see to all the affairs of Meherabad as usual. He also showed those who were slack that He could still give a sound scolding, even without sound.

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