“Yogis see Truth through different coloured glasses but there is no glass at all with a Sadguru,”
folios #2v368-2v370, 28-30 August, 1927.

Examinations were being prepared for September 1 at the school and also a program of spiritual instruction to commence on the same day at the Ashram. Decisions were made about school holidays for the various religions.

In the afternoon Baba played tennis with some mandali members. During the nightly discussions a few mandali sang songs. Before retiring for the night Baba reminded the watchmen to remain especially vigilant.

Around 2 AM Baba opened his window and inquired of Gustadji if all were well. Receiving an affirmative reply, he closed his window. Soon thereafter the watchmen’s shrill whistles “rent the air” and all the mandali quit their beds and came out armed with sticks to aid the watchmen. From his position near the Ladies Quarters a watchman had seen three figures near the well moving around suspiciously. After a half hour of fruitless search the mandali returned to their beds.

At school in the morning Baba severely criticized the staff for the way they were preparing the examinations. Many were censured and the program was cancelled. After some time the cancellation was withdrawn and work was resumed with heightened diligence. Discovering that a letter had “gone astray” necessitating a telegram, Baba ordered that a dispatch book be maintained at Meherabad.

While guiding Dastoorji in his work, Baba conveyed: “Never before spiritual secrets have been revealed in such a way as I have written them. The Hindoo scriptures no doubt touch some points here and there and explain them to a certain extent not found in other scriptures but I have revealed spirituality in direct and clear terms explaining all in plain language. This work will be the universal Scripture for the world in [the] future.”

In a discussion of miracles with the mandali Baba conveyed: “….. Yogis see Truth through different coloured glasses but there is no glass at all with a Sadguru. The powers of the Yogis are borrowed and are used with an effort, while the Powers of a God-Realized One are His own and used automatically. Miracles of Yogis are selfish as they are invariably based on personal motives. Miracles of Masters are selfless and based on the principle of giving a universal push to the whole of creation towards rapid advancement. Miracles in itself whether manifested by Masters or Yogis are mere illusions in comparison with Truth and are no more substantial than this shadow of a world. Yet there is a very great difference between the miracles of a Master and a Yogi. The resuscitation of the dead by a Yogi is a miracle for the worldly man as well as for the Yogi himself. It is no miracle at all for a Master. Masters seldom do such miracles. A Sadguru would rather try to impress upon the world the fact that what they consider to be death is no death at all. Whom to revive when none is dead?…….”

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