“I don’t like to come here on the hill and in the Ashram. I wish to wind up all this affair just as it was done at the end of the Meherabad stay,”
folios #2v364-2v367, 24-28 August, 1927.

Preparations for spiritual instructions for the Ashram boys were underway with the selection and ordering of books in appropriate languages and arrangements for speakers and scheduling.

Recently three persons have “found it very harmful” to ignore Baba’s instructions: Banaji, Mr. I. M. of Karachi and Ramjoo. Having been allowed ten days leave to arrange medical treatments for his wife, Ramjoo requested an additional five days. During that period he himself became ill and requested an additional five days. He then became embroiled in a communal dispute regarding business in Talegaon.

In the afternoon Baba and the mandali went to Kaka Shahane’s place for the Thursday tea party where Bhausahib performed bhajans. Later he and the mandali visited Baboo Javai for another tea party. Bhajyas were served and Baba ordered all to eat to their satisfaction in place of dinner. The mandali were “spellbound” by Baba’s talk on spiritual matters including explanations of certain Persian couplets. While discoursing about the Fourth Plane of consciousness, Baba blessed Baboo and conveyed, “You will have a son — Changdev.”

Before retiring for the night Baba played chess with Dr. Ghani, who had arrived from Lonavla the previous day.

The young Hindoo sadhu from Saikhed, Swami “Om,” insisted on leaving Meherabad despite Baba’s persuasive and pacifying words. Baba advised him to go directly to Dhunibaba’s Durbar. Tears rolled down the sadhu’s cheeks as he departed from Baba. Among those who came to Baba’s Durbar of their own accord “with a definite plan in view,” this sadhu stayed the longest while carrying our Baba’s instructions “comparatively, very faithfully.”

Baba inspected and supervised the Ashram in the afternoon, also playing cricket with the boys. Sweets were prepared and distributed in honor of Rusy’s birthday.

In the course of a passing remark Baba conveyed to Chanji, “I don’t like to come here on the hill and in the Ashram. I wish to wind up all this affair just as it was done at the end of the Meherabad stay.”

On arrival at Shankarnath’s place to celebrate the last day of Sharavane, Baba was greeted with thunderous cheers. Bhajans were sung enthusiastically. As the ceremony ended he was rushed by five or six hundred people desiring darshan. After refreshments Baba ended the visit by touring a newly constructed temple.

Jamshedkhan reported the disappearance of some money. Baba became very serious and skillfully elicited confessions of misbehavior from Subedar as well as two boys and the thief, Jamshed, whom he then pardoned. He sent Subedar away and gave strict orders that none were to enter the Stores.

Baba conveyed interesting spiritual explanations to Dr. Ghani and Ramjoo in the morning and also greeted a number of visitors.

During the cricket match with the R. S. C. club team later in the day, the Meherabad team was losing seriously until Baba’s lively wicket-keeping turned the loss into a decisive victory. He was playing without guards and in the second inning he was injured twice and retired from the field. After cricket however he played a game of tennis.

The day ended with general discussion and a few games of chess with Dr. Ghani. Baba warned the watchmen to be very careful for the coming three or four nights.

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