School exams produce satisfactory results, sports prizes are awarded, and the boys confess their
sins, 26th June through 4th July 1925,
folios 87-92.

Under Baba’s supervision, exams for the schoolboys were held; “The results were found to be very satisfactory.” The next day all enjoyed the festive occasion of distributing the prizes for the sports program of the previous week. One night Baba discovered that Anna (104) was mugged returning from Meherabad, so He walked to ‘Nagar with some of the mandali to check on Anna’s condition.

After the public was informed that Meher Baba would be keeping silence for a year, and that He would not see people outside the Meherabad colony as of July 1st, a huge crowd gathered at Meherabad on June 30th.

The grain grinding stones that had been ordered arrived and were fixed in a room in the hospital building (Old Mess Hall). This work in which Baba himself would also spend many hours commenced on July 4th.

To establish a better routine, Baba finally hired servants to cut the hair and wash the clothes of the schoolboys. That evening He gathered the boys and spent a few hours making them confess their past sins. After He inspired them with interesting stories, they promised Baba that they would make efforts to live clean and pure lives.

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