“Gandhi is doing all this through good intentions and therefore he will realize God in the third life after this,”
folios #2v356-2v360, 8-12 August, 1927.

The Navjote ceremony for six boys from Persia was planned for Kadmi, the Zoroastrian New Year. Khan Sahib Irani visited Baba late in the evening to finalize the arrangements. Baba appreciated his “spirit of benevolence.”

One boy from Persia, Aspandiar, requested to be excused from secular studies. He said he couldn’t concentrate properly because he was thinking all the time about Baba and even dreaming about him at night. The staff reported that Aspandiar was often found crying without being able to give a reason. Baba advised him to continue his studies as best he could while thinking of him during free time.

Baba talked with Dastoorji about modifying the tone of his book as well as making other necessary changes.

In the evening the entire mandali assembled at the Ashram with Baba for an hour and then returned for arti; afterwards Baba distributed rava and bhaji.

Gulabshaw accused Bapu Brahmin of stealing kerosene. Baba had the case investigated and found no wrongdoing. He praised both parties for their sincere devotion to duty and instructed them to have no “ill-feeling” toward each other as they continued their duties with unabated diligence.

Some mandali were called to the zhopdi to discuss “explanations” to be given to Dastoorji for his book.

The Kadmi New Year holiday was celebrated with games of atya-patya and cricket in the morning and a cricket match in the evening. Playing brilliantly and faultlessly on the Ashram team Baba scored 63 points and remained “Not Out.” The Meherabad team, in spite of Gitay’s and Padri’s skill, lost for the fourth time; Baba consented to change places with Jal and play on that team henceforth.

Afterwards Baba commented in gestures to the mandali: “Dastoorji provides a fine example of humility as in spite of so much learning he is not proud ….. Vivekananda had a circle but Ramtirtha did not have one ….. Never judge Sadgurus from outward appearances and actions ….. Krishna not only asked Arjuna to fight and slay but even incited him to violence ….. It is real mercy to kill a mad dog. It saves him from contracting the sanskaras through biting others which check him from advancement. To kill such a one is to advance him ….. Gandhi will suffer terribly in the next life because of his present activities and movements including picketing etc that has caused so many people to suffer. Those who follow him now and suffer through doing so, their sanskaras will be the cause of Gandhi’s suffering in the next life. But Gandhi is doing all this through good intentions and therefore he will realize God in the third life after this…..”

The boy entrusted to Mr. Borkar by Baba “actually wept for all the kindness bestowed upon him by Baba!”

Busses drove the mandali and Ashram boys to Khan Sahib Irani’s quarters for an excellent supper. Baba and some mandali listened to music on the radio. Monsoon activity however frequently interrupted the broadcast with atmospheric disturbances.

On the following day Chintamanrao treated Baba, the mandali and the Ashram boys to a feast in honor of the first “hair-cut” ceremony of his son who was “given to him through Baba’s blessings.” Baba and some mandali also paid a visit to Raja’s place.

In addition to Bhausahib’s bhajans, the tea party at Kaka Shahane’s and the usual visitors, the brother of Khan Bahadur Nazarwak toured Meherabad with his family. They asked Baba about rumors of floods in Poona and Bombay on August 13th. Denying the rumour and saying that nothing would happen on that day Baba added: “But God knows what will happen after the 13th. Some great changes will take place after the 15th.”

In the morning Dr. Ghani, Abdulla and Baboo came from Poona and asked Baba about the rumor current in Poona that Shivaji was born of Moghul blood. Baba conveyed: “The allegation is absolutely malicious but the Hindoos have no right to raise such a hue and cry if the Mussalmans cast reflections on Shivaji’s birth when they have been talking and writing scurrilous matter freely about the Prophet of Islam. Though the statement ‘Shivaji was born of Moghul blood’ is absolutely false, it is right that Shivaji is now born of Persian blood!”

Baba also remarked: “Preparations for a terrible war are going on all over the world …. Persia will become the second Belgium and suffer terribly. Britain will also suffer. The Russians will have an upper hand ….”

At noon Baba and the mandali took refreshments at Angal Vakil’s place. Baba then remained in the Ashram until evening. He played chess with Dr. Ghani both before and after arti.

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