“The big book that I have written will be the future Bible Koran Avesta and Veda as it will be universally accepted by all castes and creeds,”
folios #2v353-2v356, 2-7 August, 1927.

Apparently Ashram discipline was too strict for Banaji Kerani who had been enrolled at his own request. He wanted to go home. He was invited to shift to the less disciplined Branch Ashram or to stay with the mandali in order to continue his studies. He preferred “free city life” and departed by train with a letter for his parents.

Baba instructed Buasahib not to give any refreshments to mandali on duty at the Ashram and ordered Chanji always to quit the Ashram premises as soon as his duty was completed. Upon complaints from the boys that thorns remained “here and there,” Baba ordered twelve men to overhaul and further level the playground.

Ignoring Baba’s decision [Combined Diary, 167 ] Baboo Javai and Patil continued to quarrel. Baba decided that Baboo should live at Meherabad with his wife.

Baba discussed arranging the Navjote ceremony for the Zoroastrian boys from Persia to be done by Khan Sahib Irani on the coming Zoroastrian New Year holiday Kadmi.

An advertisement in the Times for a doctor to serve the Ashram produced a flood of replies creating the problem of selecting the right man from scores of candidates. Until a resident doctor could be secured, Dr. Sathag was asked to visit daily starting on the 15th.

Kisen rejoined the mandali bringing his family to stay in separate quarters in Meherabad. He was appointed assistant to Raosahib in the Branch Ashram. The Ashram boys were supplied with new sandals and their old ones were recycled to the Branch Ashram boys.

Dastoorji’s writings were given to some mandali for reading and discussion with Baba.

Padri’s mother came for Baba’s blessings and guidance. Her brother Rustom Sohrab Irani had been admitted to a “mad house” by his relatives. She was worried that he might become permanently insane and remain in the asylum. Baba assured her that Rusy’s mental disturbance was a temporary condition due to “momentary over-excitement.” He advised her to remove him from the institution as soon a possible and bring him to Meherabad if his relatives permitted. He drafted a letter instructing Mr. Dinshaw Merwan to help get Rusy out of the asylum. By also inquiring about Padri’s brother Rusy who was in the United States and frequently assuring her that “Everything will be well in every way,” Baba comforted the “old lady” Masiji.

Discussing an American magazine called “Occult Digest,” Baba praised the article “Heaven” for the beauty of its “language, style and terms” but averred that there was nothing new in the content. He said it was not a good idea to send his notes and lectures for “composition” by anyone who was not in contact with him. He cited the example of “K” who took notes on his talk the other day and put them in his own language and made a “mess” of the meaning. “My explanations may be recomposed in forceful and stylish language but the spirit and meaning must remain unchanged.” He said a suitable writer would come; Dastoorji writes well but his “tone and terms” might offend some groups.

“The big book that I have written will be the future Bible Koran Avesta and Veda as it will be universally accepted by all castes and creeds …. I have left use of [the] pen and stopped writing anything after finishing this great work and hence it has force….”

In the afternoon a cricket match was played between the Meherabad and Ashram teams. Baba scored 54 runs in “splendid style” for the Ashram. Rain showers interrupted the game and Baba also took time out to grant an interview to Parsi and Mussalman gentlemen who came for his darshan.

Baba celebrated Bomanji’s birthday by dining at his place and presenting him with new clothes.

The swami who had been told to repeat Om [Combined Diary, 166] was further instructed to fast on bread and water taken once every 24 hours in the morning and to continue to remain aloof and separate. “‘If you break the order,’ Shri added, ‘I will drive you out “branded” so that you may not get a shelter anywhere else.'”

In the evening Baba suggested taking a walk but changed his mind and played chess instead.

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