The spokesperson for Baboo’s wife’s family said, “I never talked with my wife until I had four children,”
folios #2v349-2v353, 26 July – 1 August, 1927.

The Hindu sanyasin returned again in the morning. After taking a meal and receiving a rupee he was sent to Upasni Maharaj at Sakori.

Pema, the young boy who served as orderly, was absent. As he was the only male allowed to take messages and deliver things to the Ladies Quarters his absence caused Baba considerable inconvenience.1

Baba spent three hours in the Ashram in the evening; he fasted on milkless tea throughout the day.

Baba settled a dispute between Baboo Javai and his “family people.” Baboo said he was treated with indifference by his family whereas the family spokesman, Patil, accused Baboo of behaving “too freely” at home. In support of his views he said, “I never talked with my wife until I had four children.” Baba decided in favor of Baboo indicating that his wife must obey him despite the attitude of her relatives.

A boy named Sadikali was matriculated by a Bohri gentleman after a thorough inspection of the Ashram. He expressed an earnest wish that many others from the orthodox community would follow suit.

In addition to usual Thursday events the Ashram and Meherabad teams played a cricket match which the Ashram won.

Several recently admitted Moghul boys were withdrawn from the Ashram by their father who insisted that special provisions which he provided be served to his sons. Despite his initial approval of Ashram practices and his agreement to allow the boys to stay for 5 years he demanded that they be sent home. Baba conveyed to the weeping boys: “Go home now, and if you like to stay here, tell that to your father. Persuade him to let you stay here without any special conditions and arrangements and then come back.”

To the mandali Baba gestured: “I am not at all willing to send the boys away but I greatly dislike anyone to break his word when once it is given. I have now resolved not to accept any Moghul boys for the Ashram as these Moghuls are word breakers.”

A cricket match with the Rising Star team from Ahmednagar resulted in a bad defeat for the Meherabad team.

In the evening Baba discussed the “floods and ‘green’ famine,” a disaster in Gujarat which he had hinted about when the monsoon was just beginning.

The school schedule was changed so that classes ran from 7:15 AM to 12:15 PM. Since it was the Nag Panchami holiday however classes were cancelled for the first two hours of the day while a game of atya-patya was played and sweets were distributed.

In the evening the Ashram boys were divided into cricket teams according to age and skill. They all played matches simultaneously on the extensive playing field.

Later Baba played a few games of chess before retiring.

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