“All the various sufferings that I am undergoing are for the sake of the members of my circle,”
folios #2v345-2v349, 18-25 July, 1927.

In the evening Baba attended the wedding of Subedar’s sister and blessed the couple.

While making remarks Baba conveyed: “The Sadguru can interfere in the Creator’s workings but He rarely does so. Generally He leaves the Creator and the Creation to manage their affairs amongst themselves…”

He continued: “I intend finishing the Circle work within a year and begin speaking ….. The preparation of the circle is of the first importance …. All the various sufferings that I am undergoing are for the sake of the members of my circle. Great miracles like raising the dead are of no consideration in comparison with my workings for the circle …. but before I begin to speak I want to see all the affairs and arrangements about this Ashram completed ….”

Baba ordered that the school be closed and locked after hours. He also shifted his seat to a new room.

In the evening the mandali watched interesting chess matches between Baba, Kaka and Dhakay versus Dr. Ghani, Chanji and Ramjoo. “Thus whether through games, discussion or story-telling Baba manages to have the mandali in his Holy Presence every night holding their minds fixed on any one subject.”

Baba’s mother came in the morning with Adi and Mani, Baba’s brother and sister; Mani remained at Meherabad when Shirinbanoo returned to Poona in the evening. Baba’s brothers came to stay two days later, Adi to join the Ashram and Behram to work as Buasahib’s assistant.

Mr. S. M. Desai in Navsari sent a parcel of pineapples which were distributed among the mandali.

In the evening the young swami from Saikhed was instructed to repeat the word ‘Om’ softly for 24 hours except when eating and sleeping. Baba commented: “If you follow this instruction to the letter for five or six months the repetitions will become quite automatic, and without any effort on your part your body will begin to vibrate with the repetition.”

Some mandali objected to the Mohon Shahne arti recited in the evenings because it was was written in Marathi. The majority preferred a mixed language arti and after discussion the poem “Ahurmazd Sarjamhar” was approved “subject to suitable changes.”

In addition to the usual Thursday events Bashir of Poona came “uninvited” and sang qawwali twice to the accompaniment of harmonium and tabla. He was paid 25 rupees.

Pesu’s father arrived unexpectedly and tried to persuade him to return to Bombay, promising to settle him in business in Cochin, but he firmly and politely refused to leave. Baba advised the elderly man to avoid traveling abroad and getting involved in business; at such an advanced age and with his poor health it would be better to stay in retirement at home. He told Pesu to accompany his father to Bombay to pacify and comfort him for a few days and then return.

Baba was “much displeased” with Gitay for refusing to come on Sunday to participate in the cricket match.

Mr. Yazdain, a “well known provision merchant” from Bombay toured the Ashram and spoke with pompous authority on many subjects “both temporal and spiritual.” Although provided with ample information he remained unsatisfied.

Other guests were Mr. Hormasji Daruwala and a Parsi friend, a marine engineer who sought Baba’s blessings for securing onshore employment and for settling a dispute with his father. He praised the peaceful and pleasant lifestyle of the mandali. Later dining on plain dal and rice he asked about side dishes. Assured that there were none, he began talking about onions and chutney and finally blurted, “But can’t you at least get a little plain water pickle?”

With Baba’s permission Padri and Dr. Ghani accompanied Rustom to his garage to participate in the opening ceremony of their new agency business, “Radio Set.”

For the first time the Meherabad team won a cricket match against an invited team from Ahmednagar. Chanji bowled well both innings.

A “passing remark” about the Ashram appeared in the Kaiser-i-Hind newspaper.

Meherji Karkari visited from Navsari. Baba advised him to remain in his present employment in Bombay and to study two hours a day for his college exams.

The day was exceptionally cold when a Hindu sanyasin came for Baba’s darshan. After a meal he was told to sit in a temple in Arangaon and go on to Walki in the evening. He asked Baba for a wrap against the cold and “as is His wont” Baba took off his own blanket and gave it to him.

Baba rearranged books in the Ashram library up to 9:15 PM with some interruption however due to the breakage of a Petromax globe.

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