The Hazrat Babajan High School no longer had the appearance of a village school; it looked like a regular high school in a city,
folios #2v342-2v345, 14-18 July, 1927.

As usual on Thursdays there were visitors, an afternoon tea party at Kaka Shahane’s place and bhajans recited by Bhausahib. An apparently indigent Hindu tailor asked Baba for employment and was immediately sent to roll the new cricket pitch under construction. Soon thereafter he disappeared. Baba talked privately with Dastoorji about “literary work.”

Parties in the Labha assault case of the young woman brutally beaten by her husband met at Meherabad and came to agreement on a mutual settlement. Baba discussed the Hindu-Moslem riots with Angal Pleader and the mandali; in the evening he talked about the Rangila-Rasool case reported in the newspaper. He played chess with Dr. Ghani and listened to Jamshedkhan, Burjoie and Ardeshir sing a song each.

Furniture polishing and the painting of sign boards for the school were completed in the morning. In the afternoon whitewashing of the entire school premises began; the task was completed at noon the following day.

Baba clarified why he had changed his plan for Dhakay. The team for the upcoming cricket match was selected and a few practice games were played. Baba closed the day with a few games of chess.

Baily arrived in the morning with the son of Dinshaw Merwan and another boy for the Ashram. Baba advised the boy to “keep quiet and talk as little as possible.” Two innings of cricket were played with the Postal Recreation Club team; Baba’s participation was “lively” and he achieved the day’s high score.

After the match Baba supervised the arrangement of the new furniture in the school. Each class was outfitted with a writing table and chair for the teacher, a big blackboard on a tripod, a wooden storage box and benches and desks according to the number of students.

In the evening Baba was in a very “grave and reserved mood” for a long time due to an apparently trivial incident with a handkerchief. When the boys came to pay their respects as usual at arti time, they were sent away immediately and told that Ashram boys could not take part in any ceremonies including arti. Dr. Ghani drew Baba into conversation and later the atmosphere became normal. Baba listened to Jamshedkhan sing and expressed “great appreciation” for the song.

A cricket match was planned for the next day between the Meherabad and Ashram teams.

The Sunday-Chronicle carried a story by Parsi journalist G. K. N. in praise of “Sufi Meherbaba” under the headline “Eight Zoroastrians Turn Muslim.”

As a result of refurbishment and the addition of new furniture the Hazrat Babajan High School no longer had the appearance of a village school; it looked like a regular high school in a city.

A Persian oven was completed and began to provide a new style of wheat bread to Meherabad residents.

The game between the Meherabad and Ashram teams resulted in a draw; Baba scored 75 runs.

Baily translated the Persian language pamphlet about Meher Ashram into Gujarati.

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