“Be a man and resist momentary passions. Don’t fall down like a weak tree tottering against a strong but passing gale …,”
folios #2v338-2v342, 9-13 July, 1927.

Gulabshaw had been on hunger-strike for three days to protest Ardeshir’s “high-handed and haughty behavior” in the kitchen and dining room. Baba arranged special food for him to break his fast and commented: “Self suffering is very good but infringement of my instructions and orders is equally bad. Gulabshaw did well in not retaliating against Ardeshir and tried to bear an insult or injury silently but he also violated my order of partaking in food regularly at the appointed hours ….”

Bomanji became ill during the night and was suspected of having cholera; Rustomji’s “home treatment” revived him. After Baba’s morning visit and blessings Bomanji resumed his duties.

Arrangements for the Persian Division in the school were completed. The older Persian boys who were interested only in secular education were lodged in the new shed near the storeroom.

Upon finding out the Gulabshaw failed to resume a normal eating schedule, Baba conveyed: “….. don’t take to heart when you are annoyed by others and eat and drink regularly. Ramakrishna once shampooed the feet of a person who kicked the great Master. Be a man and resist momentary passions. Don’t fall down like a weak tree tottering against a strong but passing gale ….”

Many Hindu visitors came on Ashadi Ekadashi, some with bitter complaints about recent Hindu-Moslem riots. Baba conveyed: “Don’t get excited and angry. No religion allows speaking ill of others. If you really feel wronged by the Musulmans then my only advice to you is to pray to God to correct them ….”

The afternoon cricket match was the first with an invited team. The visiting team was superior; despite a poor pitch and many minor injuries the spirit was good and the final result was a draw.

School was closed for Mohurrum. As promised, Mr. K. J. Dastoor returned to Meherabad for employment. Messrs. Sheheryarji, Bailey, Baboo, Dinshaw Merwan and a Persian gentleman came for darshan and were given a tour of the Ashram and a “fine discourse on spirituality.” Khan Sahib Irani visited later in the day.

Two loads of school furniture arrived. The first load was immediately cleaned and sanded by school staff and some boys from the Branch Ashram. Professional finishers were brought in from Ahmednagar to apply and polish the final finish.

Dr. Ghani brought new cricket equipment and sweets, as ordered. More equipment was also purchased locally and the Postal Recreation Club team was invited to play on Sunday.

Dr. Ghani was appointed a teacher in the Persian division of the school.

Talking about the institutions at Meherabad, Baba conveyed: “It is like digging up different canals and placing as many people as possible on the banks so that when the spiritual flood is let loose those sitting on the banks may be benefitted by having the divine overflow within their reach.”

In response to the application for a level railroad crossing at Meherabad, Rustomji was advised to approach the Collector of the District. Baba accompanied him in the car, which also delivered Padri, Baboo and Baily to the station, and waited in Khusroo Quarters while Rustomji met with the Collector. They returned together in the evening.

The evening discussion touched on the life of Lord Byron and the question of who was the best contemporary Urdu poet. About the communal riots, Baba reiterated that the government was not provoking the conflict. He said they were attacking each other for spiritual causes having nothing to do with cow killing or music in front of mosques.

Baba inspected the Ashram, making various arrangements, and supervised work on the cricket pitch. Later during tea at Kaka Shahane’s place, Baba talked about games and sports and then conveyed the following: “The working for the Circle is almost completed and only a little remains to be finished. When that is over I will visit Europe and America. Lectures will only be given to selected people who ardently desire spiritual progress but I will attract the masses with great miracles and thus attract a huge following …”

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