Lewis Charles Nelhams arrives at Meherabad; dining with the untouchables at Arangaon,
20th through 25th June 1925,
folios 81-87.

Returning from Pune, Baba distributed mangoes amongst the boys and mandali. Following Baba from Pune, Lewis Charles Nelhams, the first western disciple, came to stay with Baba.

Baba accepted a dinner invitation from the Arangaon police patel, but preferred to eat outside the house with the untouchables and non-Hindus. Afterwards He visited most of the homes of the untouchables there, and the house of the Christian teacher. Seeing a picture of Jesus and His twelve disciples, He reminded the mandali of the similarity.

Baba advised the mandali to take care of their health, especially Arjun. The typhoid patient in the hospital finally died, and Baba and mandali attended the cremation near Arangaon.

One day, all at Meherabad enjoyed a sports program, the most appreciated event being the donkey race, which Baba won with style.

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