Baba composed a prayer to be recited by the boys: “Hari, Parmatman, Allah, Ahoormuzd, God, Yazdan, Hoo,”
folios #2v319-2v323, 14-17 June, 1927.

Baba decided to begin giving spiritual instruction to the Ashram boys starting on July 1. Rustomji and Kaikhasroo were chosen to assist as interpreters.

In response to reports of people wanting to approach him for special favors and relief of suffering Baba conveyed “……. many prominent people, leaders and even celebrities would come to Him in the course of time at the right moment without being invited far short of a promised relief….. why worry about it at all now …. anybody a somebody or nobody who comes of his or her own accord is welcome here.”

While discussing a newspaper article about a disappointed woman who went to Gandhiji expecting to find him spiritually advanced Baba conveyed: “Publicity and fame are not the proper standards to judge the really great ones ….. mere political and social workers generally become so famous as to be looked upon by the world as great men and celebrities while there are thousands and thousands of real workers and silent sufferers more wonderful and great than a thousand Gandhi and Petit put together who comparatively remain quite unknown to the world …… these silent workers are real jewels…”

Continuing he gestured: “…… had she been to Maharaj at Sakori she would have gained much ….. but disappointments are good. They do much good …. ‘shattering’ of the brain is necessary. Disappointments lessen much ‘thinking’ and though unknowingly yet slowly but steadily lead one into the right channel ultimately bringing the party concerned in contact of a Perfect guide.”

Working with Baba for eight hours at the Ashram “making and improving all sorts of arrangements” Behramji and Pendu threw up their hands and “wanted to pack off.” Before long however they were smiling and had become their “old selves” again.

During a record rainfall in the afternoon, a half dozen sheep were lost by local shepherds. Three or four goats and lambs found lying down in “pitiable condition” and unable to move in the downpour were saved by mandali at Meherabad. A herd of sheep bolted into the shelter of the school verandah overwhelming the old man who was sitting there until he was pulled out from under them.

A local politician solicited Baba’s blessing for winning a position on the Council. Some villagers who generally avoided contact with Baba showed up with a request for intervention in a dispute. Kahn Sahib Irani came in the evening and remained talking with Baba until 9 PM.

Baba composed a prayer to be recited by the boys: “Hari, Parmatman, Allah, Ahoormuzd, God, Yazdan, Hoo.”

Due to heavy rain throughout the night the mandali slept poorly and were unable to reach the school until umbrellas were provided. They were “severely reproached” by Baba for the delay. The Ashram boys had to be escorted individually under the cover of umbrellas as well.

Despite rain the usual number of Thursday visitors came from Ahmednagar. Dr. Ghani visited from Lonavla. Mr. K. J. Dastoor came from Bombay for Baba’s darshan and advice on financial matters. Baba proposed that he stay and do some “literary work” and lend his “services” to the school. At night a tea party was celebrated in honor of “Zhartoshtus Diso.”

Baba worked again for about six hours in the Ashram. During the evening, which was very cold, he played a few games of checkers before allowing the mandali to retire.

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