“Don’t forget to remain contained otherwise you make others unhappy while ‘to make others happy’ is the chief point about the teaching of all great Masters….”
folios #2v315-2v319, 10-13 June, 1927.

An abused seven year old blind boy named Ghulam came walking all the way from his village to seek Baba’s succor. He spoke well and replied cogently under severe interrogation and showed marks on his body to corroborate his woeful story. Baba welcomed him lovingly and provided food, clothing and bedding. He proved to be quite a “chatter box” and amused the mandali by rolling out of his bedding and sleeping on the stone floor. Under orders from Baba Raosahib took the boy into his bed.

The Muslim holiday Id-ud-duha was observed by prayers in the Makan. The school was closed and Baba presented the Muslim boys with new clothes. In the afternoon there was a party with tea and sweets for all.

When called to task for infractions of Ashram rules a boy from Karachi preferred to return home. Baba made arrangements for his departure the same evening. The boy however changed his mind and was pardoned and allowed to stay on condition that he observe all orders and instructions to the letter and never again create such a scene.

Inquiries and applications for admission to Meher Ashram were received from “influential parties” in Persia indicating that the literature recently distributed there had attracted attention. After a morning game of atya-patya Baba introduced the subject of building an extension to the Ashram to accommodate the expected boys. The discussion turned on the shortage of water. He hinted about constructing a permanent Ashram building on Meherabad Hill.

Rupabai Kerami and Vishnoo’s mother left Meherabad to return home. Rupabai’s son Dinshaw showing “unsolicited willingness” to join the Ashram was allowed to stay.

The elderly man who became emotionally abusive after receiving Baba’s blessing [Combined Diary, Part 157] was brought from Bombay on Baba’s orders by Mr. Jasawala and friends. Baba conversed with him privately to some length and concluded by conveying ” …. although your outburst has nothing to do with Truth but as you are sincere, have suffered, and long for it, I will see to your spiritual advancement. Don’t forget to remain contained otherwise you make others unhappy while “to make others happy” is the chief point about the teaching of all great Masters including Zoroaster himself your own prophet ….” The man was behaving well and promised to be “silent and peaceful at home.” The following day he was brought back by relatives because despite his promise he continued behaving abusively. Baba entrusted him to Chanji’s care.

When he entered the zhopdi at 2 PM in clear and sunny weather, Baba remarked that he would come out when the rain was over. Immediately clouds gathered and rain fell for an hour after which he emerged!

Dhakay returned from his ten-day marriage leave and resumed his position as Principal of the Ashram school. Buasahib and Pendoo were severely reprimanded when a tile fell inside the school and slightly injured a boy.

In the Ladies Quarters Baba interviewed his aunt Banoobai who suddenly arrived from Karachi; he showed her around the Ashram where her two sons were enrolled and in the evening she departed for Bombay.

Due to the light of the new Petromax lantern a game of atya-patya followed by tea has “almost” become daily routine in the evenings before retirement.

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