“Saints are always happy even when they are suffering acutely in one way or the other,”
folios #2v302-2v306, May 27 – 1 June, 1927.

While playing a game of marbles with Dhakay and Manekar after the meal, Baba gestured, “A very great Avatar is shortly coming to the world. He is now playing the marbles.” All the mandali joined the game of gili danda. Upon departure in the evening Baba encountered a crowd of people eagerly awaiting him at the bus. He gave darshan without hesitation and also conveyed his “satisfaction and appreciation” for the Patil’s hospitality.

On the way to Bhaoosahib’s Wada, Baba stopped the bus and explained, “The life and existence throughout its course until God-Realization is but a mere game of cards. When you are playing cards, you get pleased and disappointed over success or loss, become excited and concerned at critical stages of the game, but the moment you once again get busy in the ordinary affairs of life, you forget all about the game of cards and all its pleasures, disappointments, concerns and anxieties. Similar is the case with the God-Realized. For them the very life and existence in the world is a mere game of cards. The worldly success or loss, pleasure or pain is no more permanent and significant than you feel over a game of cards.”

Mr. Borkar praised the Patil’s good nature and spiritual bent of mind and Baba responded, “That is why I accepted his invitation and came all this way to his place ….. such simple devotees are more dear to me than the so-called rich and influential people who are but the ‘sin-Gods.'”

In the evening Baba gave another lengthy private interview to Baboo and Bailey. General discussions with the mandali touched on the issue of caste and separate kitchens for the Hindus.

The rain which Baba promised Padri blew in around 5 PM on May 28 with clouds of dust followed by a hard downpour for twenty minutes that cleared and cooled the atmosphere.

In the morning Baba sorted books in the Persian library and appointed Rustomji to teach Persian grammar three hours a week while Ravsahib was instructed to “coach the boys in Persian text.”

Baba and the mandali attended the marriage ceremony of Valubai’s daughter in Arangaon. Though they were welcomed graciously they experienced the place as a “black hole of Calcutta” due to only a single window and door for ventilation during the hot time of the day in the hottest part of the season. The menu included some exotic dishes as for example macaroni in mango juice.

Mr. Satha’s family visited for about three hours. Speaking particularly to Mr. Jasawala, Baba conveyed that Babajan lost two fingers by allowing them to be eaten by insects. “She used to pick up the fallen insects and replace them again into the wounds!” without minding the pain nor the loss of her fingers. He said that he doesn’t mind the painful wound he has inside his mouth. “Saints are always happy even when they are suffering acutely in one way or the other.”

In the evening it rained again and the night was very cool with strong winds the roared through the temporary structures at Meherabad.

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