“I have touched your soil, visited your place but I cannot stay for the present. Will come again some day. Don’t worry,”
folios #2v298-2v302, May 26-27, 1927.

A “fairly large” crowd of visitors came for Thursday darshan. Baba worked most of the day in the Ashram; Bhaoosahib sang bhajans there in the afternoon. Urged on by Baba, Dhakay and Chanji completed the integration of a consignment of new books into the library system.

After all had retired and Baba was about to enter his zhopdi he heard someone moving around the outer edge of the compound and sent Masaji to investigate. He surprised Padri, Jal and Vishnoo sneaking toward the school to “pinch” mangoes from the basket near Baba’s seat there. They retreated with “wistful” looks and Baba retired with a smile on his face.

Baba took a “holiday” by visiting the picturesque village of Shendi where the houses of some devotees were located as well as Mr. Borkar’s Anath Ashram. With some hesitation and discussion Baba declared a holiday for the school also and chose his companions from among faculty members to come along by bus. At the train station the party met Baily and Baboo Ubale who arrived with permission to discuss an urgent matter. The party stopped at Kaka Shahane’s place in Ahmednagar where Baba was served a meal and his companions enjoyed tea.

A caravan of tongas full of devotees — Baboo, Baily, Kaka, Raya, Satha, Borkar, Bhaoosahib’s brother and others — followed the bus to Shendi, the mandali in “lively” mood singing all the way. The group walked the final distance through a green and shady landscape. But the moment Baba arrived and took his prepared seat at the Patil’s house, a group of villagers converged on him requesting dharshan. Baba immediately arose and signed to the mandali to return to the bus, reassuring the Patil “I have touched your soil, visited your place but I cannot stay for the present. Will come again some day. Don’t worry.”

Seated again in the bus Baba scolded Borkar and Kaka the moment they arrived by tonga for failing to follow instructions to prevent him from being disturbed. Baboo and Baily also arrived by tonga and Baba took them aside under a shady tree and addressed their problem for half and hour. Then Borkar approached Baba and apologized with promises that he would not again be disturbed. Baba returned to the Patil’s place and took his seat this time in a shady place surrounded by trees and green fields.

Tea was served and Baba then enjoyed a game of cards with his companions. A country dinner was served consisting of millet bread, dal and mangoes.

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