“Break the Dhooni by all means if it does not begin to rain by the 1st of June,”
folios #2v293-2v297, May 23-24, 1927.

Baba went to the Ashram both morning and evening, working for six hours with details and improvements. The Gujerati section opened and Padri and Chanji assumed their duties as teachers of the 5th and 6th levels respectively.

As Dhakay returned after 7 AM from a family visit, Baba called him aside and emphasized that he must be strictly punctual and have everything in order and ready to go when school opens at 7:30. Baba sent an order to Adi in Ahmednagar for blackboards and other school supplies with instructions to “Make a record by supplying these things before this evening.”

Baba’s Seat was relocated to the Principal’s Office during the day and an extention to the zhopdi compound was authorized. Work began immediately.

Khan Sahib Kaikhasroo and Adi, father and son, brought a “giant Ice-cream mould” in the evening. Baba discussed the Ashram with Khan Sahib until they departed at 10 PM and Baba served the ice cream “liberally” to the mandali.

Messrs. Borkar, Satha and Shahne came in the morning and engaged Baba in a long conversation about the Ashram. Later in discussion with a group of mandali, Baba brought up the possibility of a settlement of the Labha case out of court.

In the afternoon Baba called Rustomji, Chanji and Dhakay to make a selection of books for the Ashram library from a donation of books that Rustomji had brought from home. They were surprised to find a well organized library of 200 books already in place at the Ashram. Those books that they did not add to the library were taken to the school library at Meherabad.

At the evening meeting “when all were seated around Baba,” the discussion turned to the anticipated failure of the monsoon. Water was scarce and a public conservation notice had been issued by the municipality. People from the city and surrounding villages had been soliciting Baba’s blessings for rain. Baba gestured “if 100 Brahmins would agree to come here and offer Him prayers, He would promise a most satisfactory rainfall for Ahmednagar.”

Some mandali argued that such a large number of Brahmins would not come, some felt it would appear to be a sort of advertising campaign, a few others said “it was a kind of challenge in establishing Baba’s Divinity amongst the public.”

Baba replied that “through this means He may create the Divine love, Faith (Shrada) and an intense liking for the Spiritual Path in them. That when once they would be convinced that a Saint actually has a command over Nature itself, a natural and inborn respect for all Spiritual Personalities will be created in them and they would be thus induced to enjoy and get blessed with the holy close-contact of Saints and Sadgurus.”

When some mandali continued to express a concern that the public would misunderstand it as “self-advertisement,” Baba said to drop the matter.

Padri was especially motivated to bring an end to the dust and heat; he suggested that the currect dhuni be broken up and a new one lighted. Baba responded that even without the prayers of Brahmins the monsoon would begin by June 8. Padri insisted it must begin by June 1 and Baba replied, “Break the Dhooni by all means if it does not begin to rain by the 1st of June.”

Arti was performed and a story narrated.

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