In Poona Vinayak describes his lucky encounter with Baba on the train; certain that Baba stayed in Meherabad all day keeping silence, his relatives ridicule him,
folios #2v289-2v293, May 22, 1927.

Mr. Vinayak Nilkanth, a medical student from Bombay, related in person to Chanji the details of his miraculous sighting of Baba in December 1926 as reported by letter at the time [Installment 99].

He said he was sitting quietly in a Third Class compartment on the Bombay Express headed for Poona when he saw Baba standing in the passageway. Overcoming his disbelief, he paid respects to Baba and engaged in a conversation with him. Baba said he was on his way to Meherabad and “lamented” the recent death of Arjoon and also informed him that Vishnoo had been in Lonavla.

However when the train stopped at the next station, Baba got down and walked around on the platform. A group of Parsi women approached him and paid their respects. Baba did not board the train when it started moving; he waved “a sign to Vinayak not to mind it but to proceed.”

In Poona Vinayak described his lucky encounter with Baba; certain that Baba stayed in Meherabad all day keeping silence, his relatives ridiculed him. Vinayak steadfastly maintained that it was not a “dream or imagination on his part but a fact personally experienced by him with open eyes and all his wits about him.” Though amazed, he “took it” as a miracle.

Vinayak also related a peculiar dream he experienced a few days before while in a fever induced state of consciousness. He saw Baba leading a large army divided into columns headed by Rustom, Padri, Chanji, himself and others. Baba signaled that Vinayak was to attack the approaching enemy. Rustom was detailed to support him and together they defeated the enemy. As the army marched forward under Baba’s leadership Vinayak could see the enemy marching overhead in the opposite direction “as if upon a bridge.” He also saw Baba addressing the army but he awoke at that point in the dream.

During the morning mandali meeting an article was read out about Mrs. Annie Besant and “her pet ‘world teacher’ Krishna Murti.” Afterward Baba conveyed that her claim was a “misrepresentation” based on “finely engineered myth and falsehood.”

At 11 AM Baba and most of the mandali departed for the Jessawala household in Ahmednagar to celebrate the Sacred Thread ceremony of two Satha family daughters. He was warmly welcomed by all the family and conversed with them through signs while blessing the daughters and formally initiating them into the Zoroastrian religion. Bhaoosahib played bhajans.

An elaborate meal was served to Baba who appreciated all the dishes and tasted a few of them; it was then served to the mandali and guests. Rustomji initiated the meal with a soda water toast that elicited the enthusiastic participation of nearly all present. The Satha family demonstrated exemplary devotion to Baba whereas some of the guests displayed “veilded frowns” and “subtle contempt.”

Upon returning to Meherabad, Baba permitted Ramjoo and Baboo to ride the empty truck back to the railroad station to catch the evening train to Poona. He then had a small cupboard moved from the office to the Ashram and he spent four hours arranging books in the library. Meanwhile a pot full of ice cream arrived from the Satha family and Baba distributed it among the “Ashramites” and the mandali.

In the late evening the temperature suddenly fell and some mandali were affected by the cold. After arti, Rustomji narrated a story.

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