Baba orders a fast for the Ashram boys: no supper in the evening and no tea in the morning,
folios #2v278-2v283, May 19-21, 1927.

After the usual Thursday visitors and Bhaoosahib’s bhajan performance, Baba along with a few mandali drove to Ahmednagar to attend a Sacred Thread Ceremony at the house of a devotee.

In the afternoon while sitting with Mr. Satha and members of his family, Baba called for the mandali to distribute sweets that the visitors had brought with them. Chanji and Dhakay “were late in obeying the call” and Baba did not accept their excuses. He emphasized to the whole mandali that excuses were not acceptable in lieu of obeying orders and he sent them all away empty handed. Soon thereafter he called them back and distributed the sweets to them.

Baba pointed out that the 1000 newly printed Ashram applications lacked an indication that they should be signed. Chanji was assigned the job of typing [Signature] on the bottom of each form. After a few minutes he suggested to Baba that “Yours faithfully” be added at the appropriate place. Baba agreed; at the same time however he noticed that the form in Vishnoo’s hand had become soiled by the recently distributed sweets. Baba became “very angry” and reprimanded Vishnoo for waste, conveying “these printed forms have cost money” and he added that “the Mandali should have some sense of shame,” referring to disrespect that some mandali had shown during the discussion.

As Chanji finished the typing job around dusk, he as well as other mandali were called by Baba. Thinking it was the usual preliminary call for the “night club,” as the story-telling sessions were called, he went instead to eat supper. As he started eating he again heard Baba’s call; this time he ran. Baba was stern and didn’t allow Chanji to finish his apology. Baba reminded him about the “no explanations” discussion which had taken place earlier in the day and punished him with, “For one month hence, you do not take my Darshans and also not to look at me intentionally.”

Chanji was “stupefied into a Marble-Statue, all the blood having gone down from his features and the tongue getting glued between his close set teeth.” After five minutes Baba relaxed his “mask of seriousness” and smilingly granted a “free pardon” to Chanji, who instantly threw himself on Baba’s feet “in an outburst of deep devotion and repentance.”

A telegram arrived from Abdulla in Poona with the brief message, “Boy dangerous.” After a “good laugh” it was decided in discussion to await a detailed letter from Abdulla before taking any action. Baba’s biography was discussed; information about his youth was gathered from Baily. Baba offered to add further information and agreed to allow some “Divine Explanations” to be included. The day closed as usual with the narration of a story.

The Ashram boys were late arriving at school in the morning because of “loitering and playing” on the way. Baba ordered a fast: no supper for them in the evening and no tea in the morning.

A friend of Vishnoo named Mr. Vinayak, a student in the medical college in Bombay, had visited Meherabad for several days having come for Baba’s darshan as well as to see his friend. He criticized the fairness of the medical examinations, alleging caste favoritism and bribery; Baba advised him to go on with his studies without losing courage. Vinayak said he was “dumbfounded” by the “activity, energy and enthusiasm” displayed by the mandali during the recent birthday program. Despite “simple food and plain living” they were able to feed four thousand guests without the least sign of “fatigue, indifference or displeasure.” Their “energy and enthusiasm” seemed “super-natural” and he asked Baba where it came from. “‘Internally given,’ replied Baba.”

Relatives and friends of the family, as well as the accused in the recent case of assault on the young woman, came as a group to plead with Baba that the case be withdrawn. Baba insisted that they approach the victim and her family and secure their pardon through “persuasion, apologies” and even liberal monetary compensation. Were they to succeed, Baba promised to end the legal prosecution and provide employment to the accused. Furthermore, if the woman were willing to reunite with her husband, Baba would provide living space for them at Meherabad, and if she were not, he would arrange annulment of the marriage. Protesting and under pressure from Baba they agreed to approach her.

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