Every star though appearing a mere sparkling dot is not a world but a mighty sun with a solar system like our own. The planets are just like our earth in many respects,
folios #2v268-2v272, May 17, 1927.

Baba awakened the mandali at 5:30 AM with a surprise visit to the Makan. In view of the early sunrise and long summer days, he instructed them to get up every day at 5:30.

At the morning meeting of school staff it was decided to establish English as the common medium of instruction with Persian and Sanskrit as secondary languages for all students above the fourth level. Classes below the fourth, would be instructed in Gujarati, Marati and Urdu. A Gujarati class was therefore arranged with Padri as its teacher and the academic schedule was adjusted to accomodate it.

In the afternoon Baba and a half dozen mandali set out in a Chevrolet truck to attend a wedding in Rahuri. Apparently uncomfortable in the vehicle, Baba changed positions twice during the two-hour drive. Having found the house with the help of local children, Baba took a seat of honor prepared for him on the verandah. The mandali and guests performed Baba’s arti and then all enjoyed tea and light refreshments provided by the “over-joyed” host.

The local doctor was Dhakay’s brother-in-law who, after paying respects to Baba, invited the mandali to supper. As night fell and the stars became visible, Baba talked about the “heavenly bodies.” He conveyed “every star though appearing a mere sparkling dot was not a world but a mighty sun with a solar system like our own. The planets were just like our earth in many respects…. Chaitanya (Consciousness) began with matter and energy, but at first there was more matter and less energy and then energy began to increase gradually….”

When the noisy bridal procession arrived and the ceremony took place, Baba blessed the couple and allowed hundreds of guests to take darshan.

Baba and the mandali were conducted to the doctor’s house where a lavish supper was served by the women of his household in a brightly illuminated hall. The mandali ate well. Baba “appreciated the food as well as the sincerity with which it had been offered and served.”

After a pleasant drive to Meherabad through “soft and silvery moonlight” with occasional songs in praise of the Master, they arrived back at 11:00 PM. Before retiring for the night Baba inspected and encouraged the kitchen workers who were laboring all night to prepare a public feast for the following day in honor of Upasni Maharaj’s birthday.

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