A letter from Ramjoo reports that news about the new Ashram will be published in about sixteen newspapers,
folios #2v236-2v241, April 19-28, 1927.

Additions and alterations in preparation for the opening of the new Ashram were underway in earnest. Chanji was ordered to prepare a new signboard for the “Hazrat Babajan High School” using a sheet of tin which Baba found hanging against a store-wall, an example of his “careful workings” that saved time and money by the skillful use of available materials. On a random inspection of the school Baba noticed a weak spot in the roof and immediatley summoned carpenters. “Through His peculiar system of hustle-bustle and threats” the roof was repaired in a few hours.

One of the boys, Ramaji, was reported for disobedience. Baba discussed the boy’s behavior with him and he chose to leave Meherabad. Baba explained the situation to the boy’s father, Revji, who with apologies was allowed to go home and persuade his son to return. Failing to influence him, Revji informed Baba that he would either leave home himself or else drive his son away. Baba summoned Ramaji and interviewed him again; he did not want to remain. Apparently reading the boy’s mind, Baba suggested that he stay with the mandali rather than with the boys. Ramaji decided to stay.

Later on Baba spoke to the boys gathered around him including Ramaji about pride, indicating that they should “cultivate humility, courtesy and politeness” as qualities of a “true gentleman” and an educated person. He cited the example of Dadabhoy Navrozji who from humble origins became a great man without losing his marvelous humbleness. Baba also called their attention to Mohon, Gadekar and other well educated mandali members who behaved humbly. Soon a change was noticed in Ramaji’s behavior.

As usual after arti stories were related by the mandali before all retired.

Construction near the well of the new Makan for the mandali began along with other repairs and preparations for the May 1st opening. Chanji completed the new signboard despite frequent interruptions during the day.

In the afternoon Baba spoke to Mr. Borkar on “Yoga and the Spiritual Planes.” Later he mediated peace in a conflict between Marwati Patel and his son-in-law.

Starting early Thursday morning visitors arrived from the surrounding area to see Baba; among them was Mrs. Bilimorya from Karachi.

In the afternoon Baba and the mandali gathered for a tea party arranged by Raya in honor of the birth of his son. It happened however that Shankar had to go on an “urgent errand” to Ahmednagar and he was served tea before the specified hour. Baba appeared to be “very displeased” and asked Raya to arrange another tea party on his son’s 30th day being very careful not to serve anyone before Baba was served. He assured Raya that his son would have “a nice future.”

Mrs. Bilimorya was escorted by Chanji to board the 5:15 pm train to Bombay.

A letter from Ramjoo reported that through Mr. D. V. Ambedkar, the Associated Press correspondent in Poona, news about the new Ashram would be published in about sixteen newspapers, including “The Times of India,” “The Bombay Chronicle,” “The Indian Daily Mail,” and so on. Chanji, Mr. Borkar, Dr. Ghani, Vishnoo and other mandali were also working to spread news about the Ashram.

“In fact Baba and the mandali seem to be working tooth and nail in working out the various details from morn til eve these days. The Ashram is the order of the day.”

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