Hazrat Babajan “induces” thieves to steal from Her “with the noble and sublime aim of working for their salvation,”
folios #2v231-2v235, April 17, 1927 (Part Two).

During the course of these silent discussions without recourse to writing Baba elucidated several divine themes:

“1. Is World Greater Or God?

“‘Both! To a person who had material considerations such as for wealth, fame and the like, the world and its possessions were of greater consideration than God, or anything else with regard to Him, unseen, unknown and unattainable. While those who had no consideration for any material benefits, and valued only their betterment and advancement in Spirituality, would naturally assert God to be greater.'”

As an example Baba compared the relative values of a diamond and water. Under normal circumstances a person would consider the diamond more valuable. When suffering thirst in the desert however the person would “pounce upon the pot of water.”

Therefore “it cannot be said which is of greater value.” The world and God are interdependent. Only the Sadguru is Master of both God and the world. “He is above both, has the powers of both. To Him alone, and in the real sense, the world is nothing, of no value, of no consideration, even does not exist at all and therefore naturally to Him God is greater in the real sense of the word!”

“2. Why [do] people approach a Spiritual Master for material gains?”

One knows the Sadguru is the “All Supreme Power” who can take away what one already has as well as give material benefits. Therefore one approaches Him with both expectation and fear. He may shift one off the “material line” and put one on the “Spiritual Path of Truth,” which is after all His work, His duty and His purpose. One both respects and fears Him and eventually one takes a chance. “It’s a huge gamble!”

“3. The Ways and Workings of a Sadguru.”

“Sadgurus are very very shrewd, and their ways and workings are most clever and effective. They ensnare and victimise those who deserve and whom they wish to take in the Spiritual Line in a most marvellous and masterful way. And once within their grasp, one can never escape!”

Ramkrishna Paramhansa supplied alcoholics with drink money because it was one sure way to have regular contact with them. Gradually He drew them into closer association and began the work of salvation through a process that resembled “slow poisoning.”

Similarly Hazrat Babajan allows Her pockets to be picked and things around Her to be stolen as if She were unaware. Actually She “induces” the thieves to steal from Her “with the noble and sublime aim of working for their salvation.” A casual touch often proves to be a “turning point” in the lives of the “worst sinners and characters.”

“In short, the ways and methods of working of the Masters at times appear to be materially most defective and awkward, yet from the spiritual point of view these workings are always the most perfect, effective and efficient. On the whole the material and spiritual workings are quite opposite to each other and quite vise-versa.”

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