“These boys in whom the seeds of hatred and fanaticism will be destroyed, and a real toleration for all religions and beliefs created, will teach a Universal Religion to all,”
folios #2v212-2v217, April 11, 1927.

Dr. Ghani’s arrival from Lonavla was welcomed by the mandali; he generally stimulated genial communication. Discussing the Ashram Baba entrusted Dr. Ghani with responsibility for publicity in the Urdu langauge press and urged him to send as many Mohammedan boys as possible. Baba asked for draft press releases in English and Urdu from Rustomji, Dr. Ghani, Ramjoo and Chanji. Dhakey was detailed to combine their notes and edit them into a usable document that was eventually approved by Baba.

While discussing the issue of how to attract boys of all creeds, Baba came up with the idea of securing Zoroastrian and “Mogul” boys directly from Persia. Ardeshir was detailed to travel to Persia to present the Ashram to Aga-Baidool and chaperone the boys back to Meherabad. Rao Sahib (Kaikhasroo) and Bua Sahib (Behramji) drafted a letter to Aga-Baidool, which with Baba’s suggestions and Dr. Ghani’s assistance was “warmly appreciated” and approved by all.

A poem by Rao Sahib in praise of Baba was read and applauded. Baba composed a poem in a very few minutes explaining with sublime power and high spiritual wisdom “the deeper meaning and differences between ‘Knowledge and Understanding’.” He dictated it to Rao Sahib, occasioning a discussion in which Baba revealed a spiritual secret concerning “The State between the Mind and the Nirvikalpa” never before “given in any books in the world.”

The discussion turned to Baba silence. He conveyed: “It is not without any reason or spiritual significance that I have so long observed Silence. It is to lessen the difficulties and bear the burdens of the members of the Circle who are to be Realized, and who otherwise would have had to undergo certain afflictions. I will continue the Silence, eventually getting so physically disabled as to be unable to eat and drink. So much so that my face would be turned and hands and feet would look like as if paralyzed. This would be the last stage of my sufferance, and after this I would open my mouth, i.e. begin to speak.” A Hafiz poem on the theme of the the suffering of the Master for his Circle was read out.

The mention of Theosophy evoked a comment from Baba that the Theosophists would come to him when they grew disappointed in their “World Teacher” Krishnamurti. As they were educated and believed in the “Coming of the World Teacher” they would be attracted by Baba’s “lectures and selfless activities.”

Baba remarked that Dr. Ghani would become a model teacher and true leader of the Mohammedans in the future.

Turning the discussion back to the Ashram, Baba said that, “The education that will be imparted to the boys in the Ashram will also prove an advance towards the political salvation of India…. These boys at the completion of the course will have no longer any bias or prejudice against any particular religion as is the case these days, and which has led to so much strife and slaughter all over the country…. These boys in whom the seeds of hatred and fanaticism will be destroyed, and a real toleration for all religions and beliefs created, will teach a Universal Religion to all.”

It came to light that Baba’s night watchman, Faram, was skilled in drawing and that he would serve as drawing instructor in the school. To mark his pleasure at the discovery, Baba ordered milk tea served to all the following morning.

In the moonlit evening after supper, Baba and 7 mandali went for a walk on the road. Adi showed up in his car and took the whole group to a tea shop near the railway station for refreshments. Around 10 PM the party returned to Meherabad. For half an hour Baba and the mandali sat together while he repeated for Adi the “Secret” he had revealed during the morning meeting.

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