“Only those who are God-Realized are Perfect. Those who talk of sects and religions have no wind of Truth and can never Perfect be,”
folios #2v198-2v201, April 6-7, 1927.

Despite severe intestinal discomfort and unusually rapid pulse Baba partook in various prasads brought by visitors during the morning and with seven mandali he traveled to Ahmednagar to attend the Mounj Ceremony of Bapurav Talati’s son. After the ceremony Baba was garlanded by the host while tea and bhajyas were distributed. The group then motored to Kaka’s place for a second round of tea. By noon they were back in Meherabad.

In response to an article in the day’s newspaper which said, “Bahaism is the only hope for India — Gandhi and Tagore having failed….” Baba remarked, “Only those who are God-Realized are Perfect. Those who talk of sects and religions have no wind of Truth and can never Perfect be.”

In the evening Baba asked Chanji to read the story “Manaji Maharaj — The Superstitious” from Mr. Sorabji Desai’s most recent publication, The Superstitious World. Discussion followed.

Bomanji then related the story of hardships suffered by Baba’s father Sheriarji during his 18 years of wandering. After the story Baba conveyed the following information: It was for this reason — of His father being a man of the spiritual line and having suffered so much for nothing but spiritual Enlightenment that He — Baba — took birth as his — Sheriarji’s — son. Sheriarji was the only deserving person in the family, nay in the whole community, who could be deemed worthy of being the father of One who was to move the world spiritually in the near future.

On Thursday the usual visitors came; among them was Ramjoo from Talegaon. Bhaoosaheb’s bhajan program took place in the afternoon.

Some days earlier Belhi presented Baba with a pair of peacocks, which he turned over to the care of Bomanji and his family, reminding them often to guard them from the many dogs and cats in the area. Just as the bhajan program ended, word came that a dog had torn a peacock to pieces. “Baba at once worked himself into a serious and angry mood and began to blame one and all of the colony residents for this mishap.” The atmosphere became tense and silent. Suddenly Baba reversed his mood and his frowns became smiles. He pardoned all and said to Bomanji, “Why worry for the loss of a mere peacock when so many precious human lives were daily lost in the China War!”

The number of students at the school reached 70 boys including 15 who board there.

Later that night “a really terrible” mood flared in the colony when word was received that a newly admitted boy was observed masturbating. “This was enough to send the whole place into fearful excitement.” Baba summoned the witness and cross examined him, establishing the truth of the report. The mandali in dead silence did not dare to imagine the consequences. Baba conveyed, “Be the school abolished?” The mandali could find no words; tense silence continued. Baba dismissed them all from the dhuni with a gesture; though silent, “it spoke thunder.”

After 15 minutes all were recalled and the usual arti was performed as if nothing unusual had happened. Baba signed for them to sit down and listen to stories. Kaikhasroo and Chanji each told an interesting tale and at 9:30 PM all were sent to retire.

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