Baba frees all mandali members from “petty rules and bindings in general affairs” with the exception of approaching the “Ladies quarters,”
folios #2v183-2v188, March 30-31, 1927.

Rustomji and Adi took Baba with about eight mandali for an evening drive in the car. Upon returning Baba gestured a discourse on “Life After Death.”

“What the astral body of an ordinary human being sees and experiences after death, the yogis see and experience in the physical life, i.e. while having their physical bodies in existence too.

“After death for four days the astral body of the deceased remains about the place of death. Then it rises up towards the planes to gain pleasure or pain according to its good or bad actions in the gross life, in heaven or hell. When the stock of “Punya” [virtue] or “Pap” [vice] is exhausted it again takes a gross body, i.e. is reborn in the gross world.

“Yogis who misuse the spiritual powers are reborn in the stone state and have to go up the whole chain of gross evolution once again before they get the human form again.

“The human form is the best of all the gross forms. This is the only form in which one could realize God, and until realizing God one has to continue taking births and rebirths.

“The sanskars originated from the moment the drop started out of the ‘Creator’ Point of the Infinite Ocean of Truth to be conscious and gain a knowledge of Self. And all the subsequent forms and births are necessary only for one to be conscious and Self-Knowing. But during the course of these births and rebirths the sanskars keep on being created every moment till at last they become so thick and sticky that they remain about a person whether dead or alive. These must be separated from one’s person to realize God! The drop forgets its original mission and aim and is conscious only of the motion and momentum given to it by these very sanskars. A person does not realize God until all these sanskars — whether good or bad — are wiped away but this wiping away is very very difficult!!!”

Kaikhasroo, who slept outside under a tree, was shocked to discover a large snake coiled under his bedding.

In a long discussion with Padri and Behramji about their quarrel over playing checkers, Baba freed all mandali members from “petty rules and bindings in general affairs” with the exception of approaching the “Ladies quarters.” He decided to rely on “the goodness and discretion of individual members to behave themselves” while freely going about their alloted duties. He indicated that this freedom would help the mandali to get along better in the event that he secluded himself for a prolonged period.

In the afternoon Baba and the mandali attended a lavish tea party at Gorukh-Bang. The host presented Baba with a shawl which he wore for awhile before returning it to the giver.

Later while sitting near the dhuni, Baba conveyed that the “worries and troubles of the whole world were all due to ‘Thinking'” and that he would soon take it all upon himself which would seriously affect his health. He might become so incapacitated that he would need to be fed. His appearance would be so appalling that only a few of the mandali would remain with him. In that state he would break his Silence and “work wonders with words.”

He indicated that God-Realized saliks give a forward push to the Subtle Universe whereas the “Head” gives a push to the Gross Universe as well and also prepares his Circle for God-Realization. Pefect Masters have to come down from the Nirvikalpa state of Bliss, which is located at the top of the head, to the Brahmand state of Junction between Bliss and the Human Form, which is located between the two eyes. They have a duty to raise up to God-Realization those human being in the world who have prepared themselves “through ages and ages of sufferance and sacrifice and connection with a God-Realized Guru.”

“God-realization means the absolute destruction of all sanskars, the absolutely Stopped State of the Mind void of all thinking,” which is very difficult to attain. Even great yogis are able to attain it only temporarily. Hafiz compared the body with a pot, the soul with smoke and sanskars with a stone lodged on the pot. The smoke can never succeed in removing the stone; a Perfect Master must remove it.

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