In a “fit of the blues” some mandali members pessimistically discuss the aimlessness of their life at Meherabad,
folios #2v158-2v160, March 18-19, 1927.

School remaining closed for the “Dhul Padwa” holiday, the boys played sports all morning.

In the afternoon, Baba called for Rustomji, Chanji and Dhake to discuss the Meher Ashram school. He expressed disappointment in the way Messrs. Borkar and Satha were running it. Because of their connections with other institutions, they were unable to follow Baba’s instructions “to the letter and spirit.” Baba indicated that he did not like outside influences in the management of his institutions. A letter was drafted to inform Mr. Borkar of the need to “disconnect” from all other institutions; it was delived by Vishnu.

Rustomji, seemingly dissatisfied with life at Meherabad, went to his home with Baba’s permission to visit him whenever he wanted.

During the evening the grammaphone was played at the dhuni until 8:30 PM.

In the morning Mr. Borkar, having come in an upset state of mind to talk with Baba, declared himself willing to disconnect from “all other acitivities and do as directed.” Baba accepted him as head of the institution and allowed Mr. Satha to be his assistant as long as he made the same agreement. “The scheme will be a great success,” conveyed Baba, “if the workers remained sincere to the end and did as He told them to do.”

Rustomji then showed up with his family. He had a long interview with Baba about whether they continued to have a connection with each other in light of disparaging remarks that Rustomji had made the previous day. Some mandali in a “fit of the blues” had discussed the “apparent aimlessness” of their lives there. In spite of the pessimistic tone the parties involved did not not mean to express disrespect for Baba or “lack of faith in Baba’s state of Perfection.”

Apparently an “over-enthusiastic” mandali member had misrepresented the conversation to Baba, causing “trouble and vexation” to the others and to Rustomji in particular since he had taken a “leading part in that discussion.” After giving Rustomji some “mental pinches,” Baba pacified him and brought the atmosphere of tranquility back to Meherabad.

Again the grammaphone was played in the evening until the 8:30 arti.

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