Baba resumes his seat under the “big table” near the dhuni; he indicates to Chanji that he will remain seated there for 1200 years,
folios #2v146-2v150, March 1-9, 1927.

Following two days of discussions to work out the details, Hazrat Babajan High School was declared “established” with Mr. M. R. Dhakephalkar, BA, as Principal and a staff of six teachers from the mandali.

On the following day school was closed for the Maha Shivratri holiday. Visitors from Ahmednagar and villages brought sweets that were distributed to the mandali. Baba was ceremonially bathed on the back verandah of the school at 1 PM and arti was performed.

In a private session Baba settled a business issue involving Dr. Ghani, Ramjoo and Tyeballi. After the evening cricket game Baba distributed rava.

An uneventful day began early when Baba entered the Makan and woke the mandali. In the evening a group of Parsis arrived; among them was a women who suffered a “curious malady which was past all the worldly treatments.” Asked to bless her, Baba assured them that she would soon be “alright.” An elderly Parsi gentleman lectured Baba on the error of his silence; in reply Baba agreed with him. A woman requested a written souvenir and was amazed to discover that Baba had given up writing as well.

In the morning Dr. Ghani and Ramjoo arrived from Poona seeking mediation in a continuing quarrel over the matter that they had discussed in Baba’s presence only a few days before. Looking less than pleased, Baba listened to them, suggested a solution and requested that they avoid bringing their “business affairs” to him. He told Ramjoo that “his mill would suffer greatly.”

Around noon Chanji and his family arrived from Poona by truck. After taking darshan and eating lunch, Chanji and Meherji were given private interviews. They departed at 3 PM.

Nisal was transferred to Ahmednagar to work under Mr. Borkar’s supervision at the National School. His Meherabad duties were taken over by Chhagan. Masaji was again appointed to supervise the kitchen.

Baba resumed his seat under the “big table” near the dhuni where he remained nearly all day. He ground some grain on a small mill that had been fixed there. During a conversation Baba indicated to Chanji that he would remain seated there for 1200 years.

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