It is Baba’s generosity that causes lack of water at Meherabad by allowing it to be “used and distributed by the various underground agencies that were not visible to the mandali!”
folios #2v141-2v145, February 20-26, 1927.

The usual visitors came on Sunday and with their departure many of the lingering birthday visitors also left Meherabad. In the afternoon a group of stylish Parsis — men, women and children — arrived for what seemed like a sightseeing tour. They were however courteous while Behramji explained about Baba and the spiritual significance of life there.

Baba summoned the mandali and asked them “which was the largest jail in India.” After they listed the names of various jails, Baba explained that the “biggest jail on earth was our body!” He elaborated on three states “in the Highest” — Knowledge, Bliss and Power — which give rise to three paths to Truth. Bhakti Marga leads to Eternal Bliss, Dnyan Marga leads to Knowledge, Yoga Marga leads to “the Highest Power.”

“Similarly there are three different stages of advancement, (1) Gross, (2) Astral or Subtle, (3) Mental. While advancing from the Gross to the Subtle through the Planes the Bhakta enjoys unimagined Bliss, the Dnyani begins to see unthought of striking scenes, and the Yogi acquires undreamt of powers.” After describing the pitfalls of the Fourth Plane, Baba went on to compare sanskaras to a tiger in a dream, an umbrella that blocks the sun, and a bunch of tangled string.

He conveyed that in their innocence children are easily impressed with spirituality and added that he had arranged for the spiritual training of the boys in Mr. Borkar’s school.

A well was being bored and the mandali deplored the scarcity of water at Meherabad. Baba said that it was his generosity that caused the lack of water there by allowing it to be “used and distributed by the various underground agencies that were not visible to the mandali!” The decision was made however to continue boring the well to a depth of 100 feet.

Baba and 14 mandali attended a celebration at the National School in Ahmednagar where Mr. Borkar lectured on physical and mental celibacy. Meher Ashram was announced for the first time in public as a school for the spiritual training of young boys under the personal direction of Meher Baba, who was “the greatest Spiritual Master of the age” with the duty of “giving a great push forward to the whole world for its material and spiritual advancement.”

After the ceremony Baba inspected and approved the location selected for the ashram and then he and party moved on to Kaka Shahane’s place for a special meal. Referring to Mr. Borkar’s lecture, Baba said that only one who “after Realizing God comes back down for Duty” can give a push to the whole world. He advised those present to work sincerely for the institution regardless of public opposition and criticism. “Don’t worry for funds” was his final remark.

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