About Gandhiji, Baba says, “His mentality is supreme and he will realize God in the third life after this, after 170 years hence,”
folios #2v129-2v132, February 12-16, 1927.

Chanji talked about leaving but on Baba’s advice agreed to stay for three years and was assigned to assist in the present primary school. With the mandali Baba discussed “that which feels like a wheel always moving in the mind.” During discussion of a report that Gandhiji was coming to Ahmednagar a mandali suggested that he be “induced” to visit Baba. In reply Baba said that, “he should come of his own accord through love for Truth.”

In addition to meeting the usual Sunday visitors Baba discoursed to the mandali on the mind, sanskaras and Truth. In the morning he and a few mandali visited Ahmednagar, dropping in on the Christian Headmaster and Kaka Sahane’s place. In the evening Baba read a letter by Mr. Borker, a well-known public worker and “servant of humanity” in which he confessed that after 24 years of spiritual practices he had acquired nothing about Truth. He requested Baba to be his guru. Baba praised his public service and his striving after Truth.

While discussing political and spiritual instructions given to boys at the National School by Mr. Satha, Baba indicated that politics were not advisable for those who wanted to advance spiritually. As an example he told that Ramkrishna Paramahansa did not allow even the “mere mention of politics in His presence.” In another private discussion with Chanji about his affairs, Baba assured him that he would be released “if need be” after one year.

When the discussion returned to Gandhiji, Baba indicated that he was the best man among “present day political workers and political servants” in that he was sincere and has no thought of deception or mean spirit. “His mentality is supreme and he will realize God in the third life after this, after 170 years hence. “

In the evening before arti, Baba played the dhol in accompaniment to Shankarnath’s singing.

The mandali was fully occupied in preparing for the coming birthday celebrations and the feast and bath for 150 boys on the following day. Utensils and equipment were moved to the hill near the “tank-premises” and seven mandali were detailed to sleep there for security. A letter received from Ramjoo complained that he was unable to secure the services of Bhai Chhela to sing because of a disagreement with Dr. Ghani. Baba answered by telegram that he himself would pay the fee and a reply soon arrived that Dr. Ghani was engaging the singer.

After a hearty game of Ata Patas in the moonlight, all were served milk tea, followed by arti and retirement for the night.

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