Due to the lack of enthusiasm and willing workers to shoulder the responsibility, Baba declares he will drop the school project,
folios #2v115-2v118, February 8-10, 1927.

The mandali prepared and signed a new agreement to stay with Baba and serve in the “proposed Institution” for at least 3 years. Baba and Mr. Satha conferred about the publicity arrangements. Discussions with the mandali continued in the evening.

A party of Indian Christians visited Baba on a mission to secure his “sympathy” and also a donation for establishing a Missionary College in Ahmednagar. Baba inquired if they were true Christians, to which they replied emphatically that they were. “‘What was the mandate of Jesus to all?’ continued Baba. ‘Was it not “to dispose away all and follow me?”‘. . . ‘Have you done that, given up all and everything as your Lord did, particularly lust and greed?'” Hesitatingly they replied that they had not. “‘Then you are no Christians at all, as you are unable to follow Christ’s mandate. I am a real Christian for I have given up everything.'” After some more “pithy” remarks by Baba the visitors left in a state of “awe and reverence” humbly urging Baba to visit their new college.

Baba instructed Behramji to arrange for 150 diseased and disabled people from the city and surrounding villages to assemble at Meherabad on the 17th, the day before his birthday. He wanted to bathe them personally and give them new clothes and a feast.

At the general meeting Baba asked the mandali to discuss whether to continue with the new agreement for the school project or to drop it completely. Many doubts were expressed and the mandali seemed to favor a “climb down.” Due to the lack of enthusiasm and willing workers to shoulder the responsibility, Baba declared he would drop the project. When questions arose about continuing the primary school and opening a free clinic for the poor, Baba “suddenly seemed to lose his temper” and the meeting ended abruptly.

In the evening after bhajans and arti Baba was in a cheerful mood and played music on the gramophone until after 9 PM. He advised the mandali to go soon to bed because they had to get up at 4 AM to attend Chhagan’s sister-in-law’s wedding at Akolner, about six miles from Meherabad.

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