Baba draws Behramji’s attention to the mandali’s general carelessness and expresses displeasure at their lack of discipline and orderliness,
folios #2v105-2v109, February 4-5, 1927.

In the early afternoon Baba emerged from his zhopdi and walked past Arangaon for some distance where he laid down under a tree near the road. The mandali followed him with the intention of apologizing for their behavior. They approached and “paid the usual respects.” After about 20 minutes, Baba sat up and inquired why they were there. A mandali spokesman said they surmised he was annoyed with them. Baba replied in the negative and passed out fruits that had been delivered by a visitor. Then he returned to the zhopdi despite mandali requests that he come to the Makan.

Baba summoned some mandali to his zhopdi and they discussed the school again for two hours. It was decided to build a corrugated iron shed near the Mess Quarters. Baba made some of the mandali repeat Hafiz couplets and he explained their deeper meanings. Baba also communicated that the purpose of the school program was to “put as many boys as possible in the spiritual line, secondly to give them all the benefit of His “close contact” and thirdly to mould their morals and characters in an ideal way.”

Baba had drawn Behramji’s attention to the mandali’s general carelessness and expressed displeasure at their lack of discipline and orderliness. In the evening when the Purana was being recited, Behramji noticed that some mandali were playing draughts and others were inattentive. In a haughty tone and without sharing information about Baba’s attitude he ordered them all to attend to the reading. The mandali rose in revolt against him; many accusations and counter-accusations flew back and forth.

When Baba intervened the atmosphere soon returned to normal. Behramji admitted having exceeded his powers, particularly in the way he had treated Naval. All however received severe rebukes.

The disturbance arose again at the morning meeting, particularly on the part of Naval who insisted that he no longer remain under Behramji’s supervision. With “tact and kindness” Baba reconciled all the offended parties including Naval who agreed to return to the previous arrangement wherein he was subordinate to Behramji.

Almost immediately thereafter a dispute arose between Pendu and Kaikasroo, which Baba patiently mediated to reconciliation.

Masaji’s health was failing and Baba donated his own special bedding and situated him comfortably in a small room with an orderly in attendance day and night.

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