Baba forgives the boys’ parents and guardians,
11th-19th May 1925,
folios 59-64

After spending some days in the Meherabad Hospital, a mentally disturbed woman regains her sanity on Upasni Maharaj’s birthday.

Through an analogy, Baba gave an explanation about the unseen and unfelt workings of the Sadguru.

Baba continued His close attention to the needs of the school boys. Finding that the rice for the boys was not completely cooked, He slapped and rebuked the woman responsible, then slapped Himself.

After distributing new clothes to the boys and participating in their games, Baba asked the Maratha boys to sing their bhajans together with the untouchable caste boys. But when another kirtan program was held and yet again most of the villagers did not keep their promise to attend, Baba became angry and sent all the boys home. He then had the little mandirs that the boys would sing near, dismantled and burned to the ground!

The next day the parents and guardians of the boys came to Baba pleading once again to forgive them, and repeating their promises to attend the programs, Baba forgave them again.

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