Baba indicates that he holds the key to all world affairs and when he turns the key there will be a great conflagration in the world,
folios #2v090-2v093, January 25-26, 1927.

Plans for the new school were discussed in the morning and later a meeting was called to discuss the war in China to which the Indian Government had sent troops. Baba said the trouble in China was caused by “Bolshevik Russia’s mischief-making” and that if the hostilities did not get resolved soon the British people would be “the greatest sufferers.”

To mandali fears that Meherabad might be reclaimed by the military, Baba told them to build the school; he assured them that he would not leave the place. He indicated that he is holding the key to all world affairs and when he turned the key there would be a great conflagration in the world. Sai Baba started and managed World War I from a remote place while seemingly doing nothing.

On the subject of the priesthood, Baba said that they did nothing but “pray, preach and pocket money that the blind-believing public poured out to them.” The public was also at fault for lack of “heart and the courage” to avoid squandering money on professional preachers. For example, what is the need for all the “fuss and show carried out in the name of religion” on the occasion of marriage in exchange for “fat fees” for the priests. It is not “ceremonies, festivities and ‘paid-for’ blessings that save us from evil consequences, but our own actions.”

Baba told about a “queer experience” he had during the previous night; the left side of his body became stiff and the blood stopped circulating. With difficulty he attracted the attention of Masaji and he and Kaikhasroo immediately began massaging Baba and the also prepared tea for him. After two hours his side “became normal” but it remained very weak.

On the following day the war in China again came up for discussion. Baba particularly “disliked” that the “British” Government had sent Indian troops and that the Viceroy refused to allow discussion of China in the council.

Plans for Hazrat Babajan’s birthday celebration were discussed and fixed for the 28th.

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