Baba insists on a voluntary teaching staff that will receive food and clothing only and asks the mandali to agree to ten years of free service,
folios #2v086-2v090, January 23-24, 1927.

Contrary to mandali expectations Baba came out of his zhopdi and called a meeting to discuss the opening of a school and a free hospital. The majority favored establishing a permanent school. Baba offered one lac (100,000) rupees for initial expenses and 1500 rupees a month for ongoing expenses. Both Baba and the mandli agreed that donations and grants must be excluded in order to ensure independence. Baba also promised sufficient water for all residents of Meherabad. It was decided to erect a 20,000 rupee building on the site of the former Sai Darbar. Sites were also chosen for the Hostel and a dispensary.

Baba insisted on a voluntary teaching staff that would receive food and clothing only and asked the mandali to agree to ten years of free service “according to their best capabilities!” Only those who agreed were allowed to participate in further discussions, which turned on the issues of whether to conform to the government curriculum or remain independent and whether to seek government recognition. The meeting was adjourned with a final resolution to secure the government rules for recognition and to develop plans for the building.

On the following day Baba continued discussing the proposed school with mandali and also visitors. Rustomji reported that he had enlisted the services of a government boring machine to drill a new well. Materials were gathers for that purpose.

Pandoba’s brother arrived at night with a rough plan for the building, which was examined and discussed by all concerned with numerous suggestions, additions and alterations approved by Baba. The draftsman agreed to return within one week with a completed plan that conformed with government and municipal requirements for a school building.

After arti Baba and the mandali walked for a mile or so beyond Arangaon, returning at 9:30 PM to retire.

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