Baba announces that he is disappointed with the mandali on account of carelessness in “tone of speech and attitude” and sends them all away,
folios #2v083-2v086, January 20-22, 1927.

After the usual Thursday visitor program and Bhausaheb’s bhajans, a mandali meeting was called wherein Baba announced that he was disappointed with them on account of carelessness in “tone of speech and attitude.” He sent them all away with instructions to arrange for their own maintenance and he “fixed” the time and train for each of them to leave; he said that he would also leave.

After a period of time the mandali approached Baba and apologized unconditionally for their carelessness and offered to stay with him under any circumstances. A meeting was called and Baba “took the sense of all present” who overwhelmingly expressed the desire to stay. Baba granted their request with the following three conditions: 1) all should stay with him as long as he kept silence, 2) that his silence would last an indefinite period of time and 3) that none would ask for money under any circumstances.

Having agreed to these conditions, the mandali was required to take a sacred oath. Afterwards Baba completely forgave them. When Rustomji arrived — having been summoned to help with the exodus — the crisis has passed. Baba and six mandali took a drive to Pimpalgaon to enjoy the scenic beauty in a cheerful mood; they returned at 7 PM.

On the way to his zhopdi after arti, Baba, who fasted food all day and took only a few sips of water or light milkless tea, announced that he would remain locked inside for an unknown period of time.

Throughout the following day Baba remained in his zhopdi and did not take food. Once he called Chanji and brought up and discarded the subject of reopening the boarding school. He discussed the importance of the mandali avoiding “the greatest weapons of Maya — Women and Wealth!” He expressed his displeasure that despite the sacred oath, some mandali “were trying to go away to their respective places for one reason or the other.”

Baba again fasted for the day in his zhopdi, allowing interviews with the mandali and visitors through the small window. He again brought up the question of reopening the school and a meeting was planned for the next day.

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