Along with a few mandali Baba visited “good old Kasba Peth” where he gave darshan above the Toddy Shop where he once worked,
folios #2v076-2v079, January 12-15, 1927.

Baba and a few mandali including two women drove to Poona in the morning where they were received by Abdulla H. Jaffer and some Poona mandali at his residence on Main Street. The party was soon served a well appreciated meal. Afterwards Rustomji and the women went to the Registrar’s to conduct business related to property.

Meanwhile Baba and a small party of mandali visited “good old Kasba Peth” where Baba sat in Sadashive Patel’s house above the Toddy Shop where Baba once worked. Many people came to take Baba’s darshan including some Manzil members. Around 4:30 PM “amidst ringing cheers of ‘jai'” Baba and party set out on the return journey to Meherabad. Flat tires en route delayed their arrival by two hours.

Among the many visitors the following day was H. R. Mobedji from Bombay who told about his prolonged sufferings from mental and financial troubles. Through failing health he had lost his job and had to depend on others for the support of his family. Death seemed to be his only chance for relief.

He happened to read a biographical sketch of Baba in “Samj-Vartaman” and felt strongly attracted; he began mental repetition of Baba’s name. He had a very encouraging dream about making a pilgrimage to meet a “holy Dastoor” and he felt an inner suggestion to seek help from “an unexpected quarter.” His difficulties were solved in a marvelous way and he felt “impelled to come personally to the Source of his secret relief.” Baba told him to stay for three or four days.

At a meeting the following afternoon the issue was how to keep the mandali occupied throughout the day. Baba solicited suggestions as to suitable occupations to fill spare hours but none were forthcoming. The mandali agreed to abide by his suggestions; he said all should meditate on God for three hours a day rather than one hour. He said “remembrance of God and repetition of His name was the best possible work than anyone can do.”

Some mandali readily agreed and others wanted a trial period. As the decision was being confirmed by “sacred oaths,” Pendulum refused. He said one hour was very difficult and three hours were impossible. Baba asked Pendu to “pack up and go away.” Afterwards Baba rescinded the order for Pendu to depart and also cancelled the two additional hours of meditation while enjoining all to carry on “diligently and sincerely” with the one hour meditation program.

The next day being a Hindu holiday Baba distributed sweets many times. Much to the delight of the mandali he threw handfuls of prasad at them with a “free order to get as much as one can.” Dhakephalkar rejoined the mandali at Meherabad and Behramji was re-elected general manager.

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