“Think of one thing only — God — and remain in a fixed position throughout the meditation without fidgeting,”
folios #2v072-2v076, January 5-11, 1927.

Baba and a few mandali took a “motor spin” to Visapur, returning in the afternoon. The following day, many visitors came from Ahmednagar and local villages. After a bhajan program in the afternoon and cricket in the evening there was a musical program with gramophone records and songs by mandali and a few school boys.

Due to the absence of Padri, Patil and Bapu in the morning there was a water crisis. A meeting was called for the discussion of mandali duties; some assignments were made.

The following evening Baba called a meeting and “enjoined upon all” to meditate upon God in the heart. “Think of one thing only — God — and remain in a fixed position throughout the meditation without fidgeting. Let the name of the Lord alone on your lips and all thoughts about Him. If the mind began to wander in spite of it all, don’t stop trying to concentrate upon God. Strive on at the aim and you will see me in my true form and also experience many spiritual phenomenon.”

The Mess Quarters were cleaned and white washed by the mandali in a single day’s hard labor under Baba’s supervision. After Arti, the mandali met clandestinely to discuss celebrating Baba’s coming birthday. In replying to a letter from Pilamai in Karachi, Baba invited her to come to his birthday. Baba and some mandali went for a three hour walk in the evening.

After morning tea, Baba and most of the mandali went to Ahmednagar. They visited Kaka Shahane’s house for three hours ending with a “special tasty” midday meal. They moved on to Raya’s place for light refreshments and recitation of the Arti. Afterward they visited two other houses and the photographer’s shop where Baba sat for two photos. Finally they visited Khusroo Quarters. Baba was cordially received everywhere and there were quite large numbers of people “anxious” to take his Darshan.

The mandali enjoyed frequent refreshments and sweets even to the point of discomfort. When they returned to Meherabad at 3 PM Baba put them on fast for the rest of the day while he distributed sweets and other “eatables” to the mandali who had remained behind.

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