Bar Soap arrives from Poona early in the morning and demands 5000 rupees from Baba by “order and authority” of Babajan,
folios #2v068-2v072, January 2-4, 1927.

Having grown accustomed to Baba’s writing messages to communicate with them, the mandali experienced “much confusion and awkwardness” and became acutely aware of his silence again on this day due to Baba’s ceasing to communicate through writing.

Rustomji brought his new Hudson and took Baba and some mandali for a drive. Games were played in the evening and after supper. Vishnoo was caught napping before bedtime; Baba ordered all to perform his arti henceforth at 9 PM before going to bed.

Bar Soap arrived from Poona early in the morning and demanded 5000 rupees from Baba by “order and authority” of Babajan. Baba heard him patiently for three hours, discussing, making offers and even going to the length of “clasping his august hands before that buffalo” without effect. The mandali were called and the situation was explained to them; one suggested that force be used to expel Bar Soap, another suggested that it was a case for the police.

When Baba, who had been sitting on the verandah, arose and moved toward the entrance, Bar Soap followed him. Baba indicated not to follow but he continued. The mandali surrounded Bar Soap and “with a slight scuffle” prevented him from entering the building. He laid down under a tree near the road; it was decided to isolate and ignore him. In the heat of the afternoon his attitude changed and he indicated willingness to go back to Poona. He requested Baba to help him with the expense. Baba arranged for 100 rupees to be paid him on condition that he no longer cultivate any connection with Baba. Bar Soap departed on the 5 PM train to Poona.

During a meeting Baba wrote a few words on a slate; he looked “very greatly annoyed” that the orderlies had neglected to put away the slates as ordered. He retired to his Zhopdi and met with several mandali individually during the remainder of the day.

At a mandali meeting on the following afternoon, Baba reminded all of their promise not to expect anything from him, especially money. All should stay without expectation of material or spiritual gain. He added that it was quite another matter if he were to give something material or spiritual of his own accord. Baba also remarked that his silence would continue indefinitely.

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