Introduction to the 1st installment of The Combined Diary

This first installment (that you can download through the link below) narrates Baba’s inauguration, in early August 1924, of a phase that recalls — or rather, seems to anticipate — the opening of the New Life a quarter century later. With a small group of disciples Baba set off by train for Raichur in south India, with the stated objective of bowing down to 5000 sadhus and saints. At one point Baba even expressed the hope that He would be “rebuked and abused” in the course of this work, since this would “bring about the downfall of his d[i]vine pride”! The train trip was beset with difficulties and complications, some due to Baba’s sudden changes of plan, some to the monsoon (which was in full force at this time), and another because of a humorous accident.

The episode that begins in this installment is brought to a culmination in the second installment that will be sent out next week. The source of the information for this section of the Combined Diary was Baba’s disciple Padri.

Part 1: The Combined Diary

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