Trust Circular

AMBPPC Trust Program Announcement
celebrating the Centenary Year of the First Visit of
Beloved Baba to Meherabad on 4th May 1923.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

The Trust is organising a two-day program on 4th and 5th May 2023 at Meherabad to celebrate the centenary year of Beloved Baba’s first visit to Meherabad on 4th May 1923.

This announcement is to know the inclination of global Baba lovers as to who and how many will be interested in attending this program in the hot summer days of Meherabad.

Those interested in attending this programme are requested to send us your names along with your family and friends who may be accompanying you. Interested Baba lovers would be provided accommodation during this week in the hostels and M.P.R., as these facilities would be kept open for the week, especially for this programme.

Please send your names or the list of names to the Meherabad Trust office: Centenary program <> or call 0241 2548777, to reach here before 30th November 2022

Please do not make any inquiries about this program. In time all information will be shared with you all.


In the Love & Service of Avatar Meher Baba,
Framroze Mistry,
The Chairman
AMBPPC Trust, Ahmednagar (India) 414001
14 October 2022.