What is an Arrangement-Walla?

Arrangement-Wallas are individuals who have attended at least one Sahavas in the past and have skills in technical
work, lifting equipment and help in setting up events during the Sahavas week. They can be slightly over the age
limit. Their selection will be done by IMbYAS Organizing team depending
on their previous performance as a volunteer.


Age and other criteria for Arrangement-Wallas:

  • Age should be above 18 years.
  • To become an arrangement-walla, you need to have participated in one or two Sahavas programs before and/or been a volunteer before.
  • Must be Physically fit and able to lift heavy equipment
  • Good to have (but not compulsory): knowledge of technical skill like electrician, wiring, lighting, sound mixing, stage management etc.

Note: Please bring your original Government ID having Photo & D.O.B. for verification during registration on 8th June 2024.

Important dates and timings:

  • Arrangement-wallas need to arrive before 9.30 am on 7th June 2024 at MPR.
  • It is MANDATORY for arrangement-wallas to attend volunteer training session from at 9:30 am on 7th June 2024.
  • Sahavas begins: 8th June 2024 (afternoon) at 4:00 pm.
    Sahavas ends: 14th June 2024 (afternoon with Lunch)

Mandatory Rules for Arrangement-Wallas:

  • Arrangement-wallas should have attended at least one Sahavaas as a participant/volunteer.
  • Arrangement-wallas have to attend the volunteer meeting at 9:30am on 7th June 2024.
  • Arrangement-walla should be willing and able to lift heavy equipment.
  • Arrangement-walla should be flexible and open-minded to any kind of work assigned to them.
  • It is mandatory for Arrangement-walla s to prioritise completing any and all assigned tasks, even if it means missing programs and events.
  • Their first priority is complete assigned tasks and make backdrop arrangements over attending programs.


General Mandatory Rules:

  • All attendees to stay ONLY at the MPR during this period.
  • Attendees will not be allowed to join or leave in between or stay in any other location.
  • All charges need to be paid at the time of arrival at MPR.
  • All attendees need to assemble in Meeting Hall for orientation at 4.30 pm on 8th June 2024 after tea.
  • All participants have to attend the all programs on the schedule during the Sahavas.
  • No family members, children, parents/guardian, friends or pets will be allowed to visit or stay at MPR with participant during Sahavas.
  • All attendees are required to maintain the decorum and uphold sanctity of Meherabad as a place of pilgrimage.
  • Any attendee found breaking any of the Meherabad Sahavas rules or not behaving in an appropriate manner will be asked to leave the Sahavas in between and won’t be allowed to enrol for future Sahavas


If you want to stay in Meherabad before or after Sahavas:

  • For Indian Nationals:

Before Sahavas: Stay available only at Hostel D or you can make your own other arrangement or Can stay at MPR from 6th June.
Please send separate reservation request for Hostel D or MPR. You are encouraged to stay at MPR from 6th June 2024.
After Sahavas: Stay available at MPR, Hostel D or you can make your own other arrangement. Please send separate reservation request for Hostel D or MPR.

For Hostel D reservation, send an email to jaibaba@ambppct.org with required details.
For MPR reservation, send an email to MPR to pimco@mail.ambppct.org. (MPR opens for pilgrims from 15th June 2024).

  • For Non-Indian Attendees:

Those coming from outside India can stay at the MPR from 6th June 2024 and continue their stay at MPR after Sahavas.


  • Cost is for accommodation and food only. The accommodation charges are subsidized only for the IMbYAS programme.
  • Food charges

Per meal: Rs.110 and per day basis it is Rs. 310 (Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner) Total for 7 nights and 7 days (8th June 2024 dinner onwards up to 14th June 2024 lunch): Rs. 1860

  • Accommodation charges

Per day at MPR: Rs. 60 (Rates subsidised only for Sahavas).
Total for 7 days (8th June 2024 to 14th June 2024): Rs. 420

  • Total charges

Food Rs. 1860 +  Acomodation Rs. 420 = Rs. 2280.

  • All charges need to be paid at the time of arrival at MPR.

For any queries, send an email to mbyas1894@gmail.com

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