Guidelines for choosing a car service, and list of recommended service providers.
For safety and to protect yourselves in case of accident or mishap on the road, you should look for a service with the following:

1. Vehicle with YELLOW LICENSE PLATE, indicating license to operate as a tourist taxi (commercial license). Without this a car will be operating illegally and will not be covered by insurance.

2. Current insurance policy.

3. Driver has current commercial/taxi driving license.

4. Vehicle maintained in good condition.

5. Driver is given rest between trips and is fresh when he starts your trip.

6. Miscellaneous considerations per your requirements include: driver comes on time, driver speaks English, roof rack for excess luggage, driving by daylight only, 24-hour contact number, clear and fair rates, discount for shared cars, etc.

Recommended Companies:
The following are providers who have demonstrated to the Pilgrim Reservation Office that they comply with the first three points above, and who have proven to be reliable over several years:




Name Contact Number Email/Web Address Contact Person
Meher Sai Tours & Travels +91 9423755830
+91 8485883443 Vikki Kamble
Om Meher Tours & Travels +91 9822037257 Suresh Kalbhor
Malganga Tours & Travels +91 9226785176 Ashok Jadhav
Meher Tours & Travels +91 72767 66262
+91 73999 99191 Suresh Kalbhor
Travel Spirit +91 9850414595
+91 8087846874 Taher Zaheer
Akshara Tours & Travels +91 9028692009,
+91 9922630112 Santosh Pawar
Meher Wish Travels +91 9325229368
Baba Padale
Meherabad Welcome +91 9890122712 Adinath Dalvi
Mehermilan Tours & Travels +91 9822775282 Sharad Padale
Meher Baba Darshan Travels +91 9921450254 Santosh Dalvi



The following fixed rates are posted here to help pilgrims traveling to Meherabad avoid having to negotiate or risk paying too much. The approved car providers are committed to providing safe, reliable transportation for Meher Baba’s followers coming on pilgrimage.

These rates are based upon a rate per kilometer, with additional charges included in some cases, such as for highway toll and parking charges. They are also based on a minimum 300 km per day, an industry standard. Some trips are discounted somewhat, to benefit the passengers. Trips not listed on the fixed rate chart will be charged per kilometer with tolls and parking charged separately. Rs. 700 extra has been added to Mumbai trips for tolls and parking.


Trip Small Car
(Indigo, Etios, Dezire)
Large Car
(Scorpio, Tavera)
Toyota Innova
Mumbai airport – Meherabad or Mbd-Mumbai airport Rs. 7200 Rs. 8000 Rs. 9000
Pune airport- Mbd or Mbd to Pune airport Rs. 3400 Rs. 4000 Rs. 4400
Mbd-Pune RT same day Rs. 3400 Rs. 4000 Rs. 4400
Mbd-Pune RT overnight Rs. 6400 Rs. 7000 Rs. 7400
Mbd – Mzd – Mbd Rs. 1700 Rs. 2300 Rs. 2300

Additional Policies

1. Per km rates:
    “Small Car” – Indigo, Etios, Dezire = Rs. 11
    “Large Car” – Scorpio, Tavera = Rs. 13
    “Toyota Innova” = Rs. 15
2. Pune RT (Round trip single day) is for up to 12 hours, start to finish. After 12 hours, there is a surcharge of
     Rs. 100 per hour.
3. For Pune RT, tolls and parking will be charged extra.
4. Meherabad-Meherazad is for 60 km and 5 hrs. After 60 km, extra will be charged at per-km rate and after     5 hours Rs. 100 per hour will be charged.

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