From: Trustee Mehernath Kalchuri   Amartithi Programme Coordinator
Date: 18th October, 2021.
Avatar Meher Baba’s 52nd Amartithi Virtual (Online) Programme 2021


Dear Beloved Baba’s Worldwide Family,

A very loving Jai Baba to you all! 

As the Trust Chairman announced last week, our Board of Trustees has decided that it will sadly not be possible to hold the Amartithi live gathering at Meherabad this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.  His lovers are requested to remain in their native places and not to come to Meherabad at this time. 

We will celebrate Avatar Meher Baba’s 52nd Amartithi, or “Eternal Day,” (the anniversary of the day in 1969 when He dropped His physical body) together through the internet, with a Virtual/Online Programme: 

                       30th January 2 pm until midnight

                        31st January 7 am until midnight

  • The love-filled main Amartithi programme to be webcast will feature bhajans, ghazals, qawwali, songs and dances specially recorded and submitted on video by His lovers worldwide, and selected for this occasion; Meher Baba films; prayers and artis in various languages, “Begin the Beguine,” Meher Dhun and the Silence at 12 noon on 31st
  • Baba willing, a few parts of the programme will be webcast live – for example, Meher Dhun and Baba’s arti from Avatar Meher Baba Ahmednagar Centre, and His silent Samadhi at Silence time.
  • There will also be creative Amartithi offerings and virtual events to choose from during the stream of the traditional Amartithi programme – except, of course, during the 15 minutes Silence on 31st January noon, which we will observe together, across the world, with a live camera view from inside Samadhi.




Up to 10th December 2020, you are lovingly invited to participate by submitting a video of your song, bhajan, qawaali, ghazal, instrumental or dance performance. Our Amartithi program team has provided a special online form and a simple way for you to upload and submit your video directly, to be received by Mehernath and the program team in the Trust Office. 

The instructions for registering your song or dance video are to be found through the “Virtual Amartithi” link on the Trust website home page.  Here is a summary:

On the Trust website home page, click on the Virtual Amartithi link on the left side menu.  Next, on the colourful Amartithi stage page, click on the link  at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to the Participant Registration form and guidelines for making your videos.  (Your video should be ready to upload before you fill in the form.)

Please read and follow the guidelines for recording your video for best results.  If you need help, contact numbers and email address are given on the page.

  1. Make your video! following the guidelines, please. After your video file is ready and saved on your phone or computer…
  2. Fill in the short online form with name, contact, place, performance details. The form will allow you to directly…
  3. Upload your video! from mobile phone or computer
  4. You will receive an automatic email reply when your video has been successfully uploaded and received.
  5. Please do not send your video to Mehernath Kalchuri or Trust Office by email or WhatsApp; use this form process to upload and submit to him directly, only. Help with technical problems is available; please phone the help numbers on form, not Mehernath! 
  6. Please observe the cut-off date of 10th December to submit.   If your video is uploaded after that date, it will not be considered for the programme.  
  7. When programme timetable/schedule is completed by around 20th January, a link will be posted on Trust website, as usual. There you will be able to see if your video has been selected for the programme, and your time slot. 
  8. Dear Baba lovers, kindly accept that it may not be possible to include every video in the Amartithi virtual programme. We will try our best to show all, somehow!

TO WATCH AMARTITHI PROGRAMME:  Of course, all of Baba’s lovers with an internet connection will be able to join together worldwide as they watch the Amartithi programme, through a link on the Trust website.  Details will be available in January.

In His Love and Service
Mehernath Kalchuri, Trustee